Couple questions about starting keto.

abigailhe Posts: 28 Member
I've just started the keto diet about 5 days ago and have already moved into ketosis per the urine stick testing. Down 3.5 pounds already! Couple questions though:
Is it normal for your mouth to have a "fatty" taste?
Has anyone else had problems with diarrhea at the beginning?
How do you know you are getting enough fat? Anyone have a visual example?
I hate logging my good because I'm so busy with work and life. ER nurse, on my feet all day.
I really like this WOE and have noticed a significant drop in my appetite. Food tastes so much better cooked in real butter!
Any help would be appreciated!


  • anglyn1
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    Basically I find if you aren't hungry you are getting enough fat. Sometimes the advice is to add a ton of fat and that is really not necessary. Just eat fat to satiety.

    I've heard of diarrhea with keto and it could just be your digestive system getting used to more fats, could be a low stomach acid or low enzyme issue, however the first thing I would do is up your electrolytes mainly by adding sodium.
  • abigailhe
    abigailhe Posts: 28 Member
    Thank you anglyn1! I've been trying to add salt to most everything. Makes since that the increased fat intake could cause diarrhea. I've been trying to drink a ton of water to compensate for the fluid loss.
  • Xerogs
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    I've never had a "fatty" taste but there are some foods that seem to coat my mouth like macadamia nuts and spinach of all things. I never had issues with diarrhea unless I get a bad salad or something like that, which is a very rare occurrence. As far as logging food you can either keep mental track all day to login on a desktop once or use the MFP app on your phone. I log in after I eat but sometimes I may wait all day. Also if you typically eat the same things over and over again set up meal templates so you don't have to search a lot and can add things quickly when on the go. Good luck :)
  • baconslave
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    Drinking more water without the sodium to retain it is just going to make you feel worse as it just flushes out more of your electrolytes, so make sure you are getting the 3,000-5,000mg of sodium per day.
  • Sunny_Bunny_
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    You really only need enough got for basic health and hormones and satiety. Minimum around 40-50g is probably about right for basic health needs.
    As long as you aren’t specifically seeking out lean foods and you’re eating meat and cooking with normal amounts of healthy fats, you’re getting enough.