Grandma's Apple Pie!

EryOaker Posts: 434 Member
My grandmother had a stroke a few months ago - about two weeks after my grandpa died... She is in her 80's and I took my youngest to California to meet her over the Xmas break. Life is so precious and no day is guaranteed. I wanted my Warren to meet her and I wanted to see her... just in case.
I walk in and smell it immediately... she baked her famous apple pie! The one I remember eating as a child. Right then and there, I decided to put the diet out of the window and enjoy this! I ate homemade yeast rolls, apple pie, cookies, and gravy made with starch!!!! I feel zero guilt!!! (I do feel some adverse physical effects but I'm happy to deal wit that!) I count myself very lucky to be able to enjoy her amazing cooking! She could have died. I could have been attending a funeral... instead, I got to enjoy another amazing set of meals at Grandmas.
Sometimes, you gotta just let go and enjoy the moment!
On that note, it's back to 16/8 and <20 as of tomorrow!