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I'm losing my motivation around noon every day. I eat healthy all morning and then reach for chips and candy. Since last month I have been busy taking care of everyone else. I even hurt my back and ignored it because family needs me. But I could not take the pain anymore and told everyone I need time to heal. While I was healing it seems everything falls apart without me. Things don't get done, people get hurt (falls, cuts, scrapes) and eating pizza and what ever else delivers because no one cooks. Life is happening all at once and I cannot focus on my health right now. I have to fix things and feed people because they all depend on me. I'm not complaining, this is the life I wanted for myself. A family, job, car and food in my belly. What would life be without difficulties?


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    You can do this. Make yourself a priority.
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    One of the biggest lessons I needed to learn when I started this process is that 'me' has to come much closer to first in order to make the changes necessary. I needed to be able to go to the gym regularly, I needed to set an eating pattern that had my needs, and when I cook for the family, they would have to deal with it.

    I little more selfishness is a good thing. I bet you will be surprised how well your family responds.

    Good luck and you have support here!
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    takuwinds, everyone has that day where they want to just tell their family to get their s*** together because you are no longer their superhero but then you don't. But even superheroes need help and need to be able to heal. Try scheduling a snack or rearrange your meals so that when the afternoon comes you've actually planned the snacking and made it part of your diet. If your family is able teach them how to use the crockpot. Have them help you prep and cook every three days so there isn't a need to order out. If possible take some time for yourself. It's hard to do your best for everyone else if you're not healthy. And last of all, you're probably a lot stronger than you believe you are and will be successful in getting healthy.
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    Crock pot meal! That's a great idea! My kids love crock pot meals and they can start the pot when they get home from school and dinner will be ready at dinner time.
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    @takuwinds I feel your pain - I am the first one up and last one home yet I am the one who takes care of pretty much everything. Dealing with a migraine today so not gonna lie - just had a piece of a zucchini loaf cake - not good but I will adjust my eating and exercise for the rest of the week to compensate.

    I sleep in my gym clothes and get up at 4 am, take care of my dogs and leave. I let my husband get my daughter ready for school (ADHD pill and get her dressed - clothes are already downstairs).

    I do a bunch of meal prep on Sundays and usually have so much that I freeze some so that I don’t need to cook at another time. I try to make a few things so I have variety. I made a Lemony Lentil Soup from Gimme Some Oven and in my freezer I have Skinnytaste Turkey Taco Chili Mac. I found this omega trail mix at Trader Joe’s which has 10 packets per bag. Those are really good and satisfying. I find when I don’t eat foods with a good balance of protein/carbs/fat I go a little off the rails. The lentil soup is good but I need to add some more protein to it because while it’s tasty I need something more.

    Good luck! Here are some sites that have great recipes - some are more health focused than others but good nonetheless:

    Cooking Light
    Oh She Glows
    Peas and Crayons
    Mel’s Kitchen Cafe
    Gimme Some Oven
    Half Baked Harvest
    Love From The Oven
    Once Upon A Chef
    Genius Kitchen
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    You need to make yourself a priority. Your health is a benefit to your family.
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    All of the above suggestions are great. Especially making crock pot meals. :)

    I can't say that I relate because I live alone so I control all the food in my house. And I don't have the pressures of taking care and feeding others.

    I think the thing you may have to take a close look at is addiction to sugar and refined carbohydrates. Those foods are engineered to be "comfort" foods so you can escape life's challenges. I'm not going to lie, it is DIFFICULT to stop eating that stuff. Try to keep some healthier type snacks available. And only eat them if you're truly hungry.

    Life has it's bumps along the road. The fact that you're reaching out shows a willingness to get through this. Best of luck going forward.