Using Keto IF for those pesky last 10-15 pounds

I am losing and gaining back the same 4 pounds. I am looking for strategies to lower my body set weight. Anyone out there a resident expert?


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    No expert. I’ve been tryouts by to get the last 10 off for over 2 years.
    Weight doesn’t move but I still lose fat.
    I’ve decided that’s good enough.
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    How long have you been dieting and how much weight have you lost?

    My last 10 pounds came of the same as my 1st 50. I ensured I was at a deficit throughout so my experience, though hardly expert opinion, is if you're gaining and losing the same 4 pounds you're taking in and expending maintenance calories and are not at a deficit. You might want to decrease your calories and/or up your exercise for continued scale/fat loss.

    You could also research "Diet Breaks" and Refeeds" as both are related to plateaus, set points, reduced metabolism, leptin resistance, etc . There is a 172 page thread going on in the main forum regarding this in the General Health and Fitness Forum. A lot of the 172 pages tend to be friendly chat among Pals but the beginning of it has several links and videos. Those will keep you busy for a few hours and there are pertinent links and videos throughout as you scan through the pages. Or you could google diet breaks and refeeds. Lyle McDonald has a lot of research on this and has several youtube interviews.

    I'll summon @tcunbeliever and @LolaDeeDaisy23 for you as they may have some related experiences. Maybe their interest in more along the lines of carb recycling/ body recomp. A body recomp may be of interest to you if you're willing to do some heavy lifting and other resistance training. You can be smaller and weigh more. There's a good thread on that too in the main forum. If I find it I'll let you know. I think it is in success stories.

    The only way I've lost scale weight or body fat was through diet (deficit) and exercise. Build some muscle and burn more calories.

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    I have had great luck with Leangains (calorie and carb cycling) last year, but while it's easy to do low carb (I use the calculator and cut the carbs in half) it's much harder to do as keto. And you definitely have to strength train. So, it's not for everyone. But bodyweight strength training is sufficient, so you don't need special equipment. My mother did it using bodyweight Darebee exercises and lost 5 inches off her waist in 12 weeks. To be fair, she only lost a few pounds on the scale, but it totally altered her body shape dramatically.

    For me it was easy, you get to eat more on strength days, which is awesome, and makes it easy to fit treats and cravings into your calorie/carb allowance. I find it easier to go through the low food days when I know that I just have to delay what I want for a day, not forever. My diary is open and yesterday was an eat less day, so you can see the offset meal that I key in on the low days to make it easy to track with MFP. (just ignore the fact that I ate way too much yesterday, I'm a bit over goal, I was a ravenous monster yesterday)

    Here is the calculator if you want to check it out, it's more standard diet based, so if you want to go low carb, cut them in half. If you want to go keto, cut them way down for the low day, and more to the high end of keto for the high day (mine are 25g/112g and that works for me, but I'm very active too).

    I did low carb Leangains most of last year, but I have been doing keto for migraines the last 100ish days of last year until now. It's possible, and it's definitely working (OMG AMAZING) for migraine control. However, my results in terms of losing fat and building muscle were much better with the low carb version than with the keto version.

    Keto isn't magic, it doesn't make you lose weight just by being keto. It does help most people with appetite control (if that's an issue) and it's great for a lot of neurological problems, but if you are doing keto just for weight loss you might do just as well or better with low carb. Not sure what you have been doing, but much of it is individual, so try one, and if you don't get results you like, try the other. Or try something completely different.
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    I started keto because of my PCOS diagnosis. After learning about that, I found out "hey! Maybe there's a reason why I can eat 4 bowls of Cocoa Puffs and still be hungry" lol long story short, I can eat carbs for days and it won't satiate me. Eating keto is the only way for me to sustain my hunger and not eat 3,000+ calories per day.
    With that said, I highly recommend strength training if you are not doing so already. Losing weight means nothing if you are unhappy with your body composition. I was a cardio bunny until I started heavy lifting.

    I recently experimented with a diet break...brought carbs up and ate at a surplus for a few days. Then brought carbs back down to keto levels and ate at maintenance/slight surplus for 2 weeks. I found that my metabolism almost "reset" itself. As the poster above mentioned, you can find countless articles on refeeds and diet breaks. I believe bringing your carbs up for a few days restores leptin, ghrelin, and cortisol levels? But on a personal note, I am not training 5x per week and I am still losing weight. I'm documenting my journey on my Youtube channel if you're interested (my channel is PeanutButterVibes).
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    @LolaDeeDaisy23 - It was harder to find you on YouTube than I thought...

    Is this you?
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    @KnitOrMiss Yes ma’am that’s me!☺️ Keto prep diaries