Josie's OMAD Journey

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Hi I'm new here and from the UK :)

I just started OMAD two days ago (5/4/18) with an hours eating window early in the evening. All going well so far I think!

I play rugby, training (fasted-seemed ok on Thursday) twice a week with a match every week or two. I am thinking of taking a day off from OMAD on match days as I'm not sure of my fasted energy levels for a full 80min match but I will see how I go!

Current weight: 15st 9lb (219lb)
Goal weight: 10st (140lb)
Height: 5'7"

I feel hungry during my fasting hours but not unmanageably so. Yesterday my eating window was early (2-3pm) as I was our for the day and went out for food. I was very hungry going to bed due to this and will definitely keep my eating window in the evening when possible.

I am tracking calories but so far have had 1500-2000 during my eating window. This may be too much but is still lower than my TDEE so I am going to see what happens!

During my fasting hours I drink water and black coffee (I love my coffee!). I will try and keep this thread updated to keep me accountable :)


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    Great plan! Welcome Josie :)
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    You may try supplementing with coconut oil and/or corn starch 30-min before your rugby match. It will not spike your blood sugar which would then drive your insulin high and then drive your blood sugar low causing you to bonk in the match. It will also slowly release energy to feed the brain and allow the stored glycogen in your muscles to fuel the match. It also most likely not upset your stomach either during the match. I do those things to run an hour while fasted and it works. When fasted your liver is out of glycogen but your muscles have it still. Your muscles can't share it with the brain and since your liver is out it can't either. Gluconeogensis and keytone procuction may not be fast enough to fuel the brain and support the high activity level. If you eat the things I mentioned, they will feed the brain without cause a post sugar crash and will allow your brain to be fed and which will allow you to tap into stored glycogen in the muscles. It may also allow you to keep producing your own keytones from fat metabolism and maybe some more gluconeogenesis. Not sure on the last two but pretty sure on the previous points. It does work! Good luck.
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    Welcome and good luck Josie
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    Thanks for the warm welcomes @aleroache20 @Jim_fbr :smile:

    @blambo61 thanks that is really useful! I will put the strategies you mentioned into place for tomorrows match.

    I planned to eat a pizza all to myself (1800cal worth) this evening during my window. My window was 2-3pm yesterday so I had fasted for 28 hours!! I surprised myself by being so full after half a pizza (and salad leaves) that I could not eat any more, I really think that this way of eating could change my whole attitude towards food :smiley:
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    Nice! Being able to eat tell full and lose weight is awesome!
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    Welcome to the OMAD group :)
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    welcome!! looking forward to seeing your journey documented on here!
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    Welcome! Looking forward to following your journey!

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    Well done Josie!
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    Welcome, Josie!
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