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    My name is Marie. I live in Massachusetts, I'm 68 years young and plan to lose 80 pounds. I'm not in great physical shape. Had a knee replacement last year and fractured my elbow last week. But I don't let things like that stop me. I'm ready to put this body and mind on a new path.

    Welcome, Marie. Pleased you will be joining us. Great to start out with a positive attitude. Hope you will find UAC to be a challenging, yet rewarding group. We are a team and everyone is on your side!
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    Heya! I fell out of the March challenge due to a number of "sick" days, then needed a little break to get my mental health back into good shape. Unfortunately that meant missing the start of the April challenge... but I realised that falling off for so long, I have gained weight back, so here I am, to start mid-month, and make sure I don't miss the start of May's challenge!
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    @lemmyhead Pleased to have you back. A break in routine isn't always a bad thing. It allows time to refocus, regroup and recharge. There's no time like the present, so make it a gift to yourself.