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  • 57discovery
    57discovery Posts: 2,716 Member
    Yes for all 3
    Ended day with a nice hike with a friend. Nice talk and beautiful sunset
  • windowqueen2003
    windowqueen2003 Posts: 422 Member
    April 16th
    Exercise yes
    Calories yes
    Tracked yes

    April 17th
    Exercise yes
    Calories yes under by 300
    Tracked yes

    This month has not gone as planned so far. I have a project that I am working on that has me away form home for multiple days at a time that is making it difficult to stay on point. Additionall this project is not without stress so much harder to plan meals and exercise. However I am determined to get back on track. I feel so much better when I exercise.

    My short term goal is to finish this month without a pass to get back on track (in more ways than one).
  • naomiefaye
    naomiefaye Posts: 55 Member
    Yes × 3
  • EspressoLvr
    EspressoLvr Posts: 100 Member
    Yes × 3
  • lemmyhead
    lemmyhead Posts: 116 Member
    April 17
    Yes x3
  • Gutcutter500
    Gutcutter500 Posts: 695 Member
    April 17
    Yes X 3
  • syrr
    syrr Posts: 786 Member
    April 17