How LONG have you been living a LC lifestyle?



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    @Running_and_Coffee honestly, I never cheated on holidays. I always said I would but I ended up staying keto. The difference is I wouldn't count calories. So if I wanted more cheese, pepperoni or keto friendly desserts - I went for it.

    It would not be surprising if others do the same and yet others are like me in their habits. I eat "off plan" foods (within reason) on holidays and vacations with more focus on overall calories.

    Neither is right or wrong IMO. It comes down to what works for us individually. My perspective is that giving myself the freedom to relax on my choices during what I deem special occasions is a part of what keeps me on track the other 95% of my meals. At least for today...
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    2 years for me, only thing that got off the weight from chemo/steroids. For holidays I make sure there is plenty of protein available, I have no problem just eating the shrimp, pepperoni & cheese, turkey at Thanksgiving without wanting the cocktail sauce, crackers, potatoes and dessert.

    Vacation I may indulge a little but we walk a ton while sightseeing. We camp frequently and plan/cook LCHF meals.
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    Nutrient dense lower carb for the better part of 8 years
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    Went keto August 2016, met my weight goal in May 2017, looking forward to my 1st year anniversary in maintenance.

    Before this I had pretty much yoyoed on a slow carb diet, the Zone (40c/30f/30p with 3 meals and 2 snacks a day) I would lose but never reaching my goal weight, I would get discouraged, pig out for a while and pile the lbs. back on again. I am so happy to be off the merry go round and I even lowered my goal weight and have maintained within 3 lbs of that lower number. I stay in ketosis up to around 50 grams of carbs, since I only eat the lowest GI veggies, no pastas, no grains, no potatoes.
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    I've done some form of low carb for about 5-6 years; LCHF and keto for 2.5 years.
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    So what did you guys (who have been at it more than a year) do for Thanksgiving, vacations, etc. Indulge in 1-2 items, stay completely on plan, go off track then hop on the wagon afterwards? Trying to envision my own experience in this lifestyle beyond the honeymoon phase so curious how others have handled turning down a fresh croissant in Paris (do you just eat the croissant), saying no (or yes?) to a sloppy birthday cake your kid baked you, breaking it to Aunt Bobbie that you are not eating her stuffing this year....

    Vacations were easier for me since I stayed on plan most meals and was pretty active so even if I had something higher in carb I would burn it off. I tried to maintain a good activity level and calorie deficit for the most part. I would eat the one croissant in Paris but not eat ten of them if that makes sense. Holidays can be tricky but I just leaned towards the protein, veggies, and salad forgoing all the heavy carb items and if you are getting super heavy peer pressure just take a tiny helping to appease the relatives or just stick to you guns and say no. Anything with a lot of carbs turns into portion control and then going back to plan the next meal.
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    Predominately LCHF for 2.5 years. I do occasionally eat off plan. I tend to keep carbs under 50.
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    Inspiring thread folks. I just started LCHF this week.

    Actually I've been eating low sugar, gluten free, and chocolate free, for some time, and have also done IF over the past year. All this seems to have helped, as I appear to be transitioning to LCHF quite well.

    Anyway it's great to hear so many of you can maintain this as a longterm lifestyle choice. So far so good for me, but I've a long way to go yet - to completely have this way of eating sussed.
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    A year and a half
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    July 2015. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Researched and dived head first into keto...Decided to take metformin, went off metformin, stayed keto and only took a diet break twice a year (if that) for no more than 1 day. This year I managed to drag it out to 5 days.

    Trying something new now... cyclical keto. About to have a 2-3 full days of high carb, low fat refeed. Reading up on the science of leptin and women’s hormone levels, to see if this can finally help my PCOS.