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    @River_Goddess oooh, okay, thanks for explaining IF. i think i do that unintentionally right now. i've also been going to bed earlier because i used to stay up late and binge terrible food while watching netflix. now i know that if i stay up super late, i'll just get hungry and cranky and i should be working on my sleep schedule anyway. i'll try IF once i get past the first couple of weeks. right now all i can think about are cupcakes.
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    @greatthatsgreat if you still need to stay up and watch Netflix (I KNOW where you are coming from as I work nights and even on my days off am up til 2am) try a hot cup of really flavourful herbal tea like Ginger Peach, Black Cherry, Apple Cinnamon - they won't keep you awake longer but are very tasty with no carbs (Celestial Seasoning or Stash are my fave brands)
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    Hi I am 52 and need to lose 200 pounds and I am doing a keto .low carb , the full on keto I just could not maintain , but adding the good fats is working , I only eat up to 20 carbs a day sometimes only 15 , my fats are higher and I am losing inches and weight (i have not weighed in 2 weeks ) I need to.
    welcome to you and I hope you like us here :smile: we are a good group to hang with . please add me if you want ,my daily food diary is open to be viewed.
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    Thanks, everyone! I have about 100 lbs to lose, give or take. I don't think my body is structured to ever be super thin, and I don't want to be super thin, just not obese (I've been overweight my entire life). I feel like it is imperative to my health to get my relationship with food under control, and from what I've read, keto/LC is a really good way to do this.
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    My weight has been climbing up and i was at the largest I have been:~174 (5’3”). Then I decided to clean up for 10 days: no grains or alcohol. Then I remembered if I just upped my data, I’d be keto. So I started keto. It took me about 2 weeks to get into ketosis.

    I get excited thinking about fitting into my clothes again. Bursting out of my “fat jeans” was depressing and I started looking 58 not 48.

    We can do this! Each “one-day-at-a-time” adds up. :)
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    I've never intentionally followed a "keto" diet or plan. 3+ years ago my dr encouraged me to keep total carbohydrates below 35g daily. over the years I've tried to go back to a "normal" way of eating only to find I am decidedly not normal. My body does better, feels better, looks better when I keep carbs to a minimum. I don't really focus much on marcos, or calories for that matter but I do keep them in mind. I'm getting back in to training now for races (running) so I'm becoming more aware of how much protein I eat and when and how it makes me feel.

    Food for thought on your journey

    1) it took time for you to put on weight, it will take time for it to come off
    2) give your self the grace and patience you deserve
    3) what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you
    4) there is no silver bullet.

    hopefully you find a way of eating that makes you feel your very best self! It can be rough out there ,but this has been and is a good place to find information and support!
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    WTG! @greatthatsgreat Tea works for late night snackers who need a 'treat.'
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    canadjineh wrote: »
    WTG! @greatthatsgreat Tea works for late night snackers who need a 'treat.'

    Exactly. Cinnamon Apple Spice mixed with Sleepytime Vanilla and Pyure = Apple Pie in a Cup. :heart:
    Very Blueberry is good, too.
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    Hello Meredith and welcome.

    My LC anniversary is next week. It's hard to believe its been a year. So far I have lost 42lbs and still need to drop about 20lbs (Started this at 239lbs) more but I hit a stall this semester with a whacky schedule that threw off my workout routine so I think now that school is done I can get back to my routine. I don't find low carb hard to maintain and what keeps me here is the health aspects and results. I was having issues with joint pain and energy levels but they are completely gone now and I used to get really bad sinus headaches and for the most part they are gone as well although a storm passing through might set one off. My blood work is improving which makes me and my Doctor happy so I might be able to ditch some of my meds although I am went to an extremely low dose via this way of eating (WOE). Kicking the sugar helped my skin clear up. Overall I just feel better and accepted that this is my normal and they way I used to eat was pretty abnormal.

    I also don't beat myself up if I make a mistake which helps a great deal. I just right the ship, so to speak, and go back on track. I don't weigh myself every day but try to keep a rolling weekly tab and look at my overall weight loss trend over time. Weight loss will slow and bounce around so it can be a distraction if you put a lot of stock into the scale. Look at the overall experience (losing inches, more energy, physical and mental health, etc. etc.) with the scale as just one facet with many other variables.

    Make it a routine, this is what I do:
    • Track calories and exercise (Find the optimum level where you lose weight in a calorie deficit without going way to low)
    • Try different low carb items and reduce the ones that stall weight loss.
    • Eat my leafy greens
    • Eat little to no added sugar and cut back on refined foods.
    • Practice mindfulness daily (20+ minutes sitting meditation)
    • Exercise 5X a week 30-60 (cardio and weights)
    • Reduce stress
    • Keep my electrolytes in balance
    • Daily turmeric (for inflammation), vitamins (daily multi and magnesium), and apple cider vinegar with the mother in it (2tsp in water) for digestion.

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    I'm 32 and my highest weight was 268 lbs. I've taken off 30 with keto so far and plan to hopefully lose about 70 more.
    I've been on and off keto since August 2017...I'm a slow loser due to stress, but now that school is over for the summer and I've dealt with some life things, I'm gonna kick it up and buckle down a little bit. The best advice I've heard so far is to just DO IT. Try not to go above 20g carbs a day especially until you're keto adapted. It's SUPER hard sometimes, especially if you don't exercise (like I wasn't haha). Cardio really helps keep the hunger at bay and your mind occupied so you don't give in to mental carb cravings. Good luck to you, you're gonna do great!
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    SO. I've been not-entirely-rigidly-but-mostly doing keto for a week now, and today the scale reported a loss of 4.6 lbs! I KNOW. I know this is mostly if not entirely water weight, and I am certainly not anticipating this kind of loss throughout my weightloss journey, but this is the first time in two years that the scale has done anything but climb and I almost cried when I read my new weight. I was so worried that something was broken, that I'd always be addicted to sugar, that I'd always eat enormous portions, that I'd always let food control me. I know scale victories are capricious at best, but I'm still relieved.

    Oh, and late last night when I was feeling peckish, instead of hunting down food, I made herbal tea and added cream and that was all I needed. This is, like, 100% unheard of for me and my disordered eating habits. Thank you to all of you who offered support this week. I really appreciate it.

    I could have written this. I have 25 to lose and I have lost 4.2 since Friday and have been in moderate ketosis since Saturday as well. I know it's water but for my body to respond so quickly is very exciting. I have been gaining and losing the same 11 pounds with WW since January. (which i'm currently still within that initial 11 pounds)...
    My cravings are slipping away and I am starting to feel less bloated as well.

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    Hey all,
    I started my weight loss journey in 2011 where I was over 256lbs and since then every year I've lost a drastic amount of weight but I gain it over and over. My longest plateau was from 2012-2015 where I was yo-yoing 20lbs up and down, from 205-225 and then finally in 2015 I got more serious and dropped to 197, which was the lightest I had been since my junior high school years. Since then, I tried different pills, prescribed and over the counter, which really didn't help me loose much. Then I did a crazy 500 calories a day HCG diet which actually helped me drop to 187 in less than 2 months (I would NEVER do that one again). It did help me drop to the 187-195lbs yo-yoing and since then I have been stuck again yo-yoing again from 187-195 and so this past week I've begun my low carb, calorie counting journey again.

    My plan is low carb, high protein and low calories as well. I will not stick to this diet after I meet the 20-30lb weight loss goal but then I will continue the low carb lifestyle. I started this plan on 5/2, I weighed in at 196.4 and as of this morning less than a week 5/8 I am at 189.6 (7lbs down :o:p ). I am also aware the first 10lbs are water weight but weight is weight and no matter what it looks great on your body and on that scale!!! I am also fully aware that the low carb lifestyle is very difficult to stick with since in my culture 'CARBS are our main dish, but I know that is the best method for me to loose weight.

    I am hoping to drop another 2+lbs a week hoping it to be closer to 5-7lbs a week, but any loss would be great. I am going on vacation in 4 weeks and my birthday is in 6 weeks and by then I am hoping to be 10-30 lbs lighter (the more the better but anything would be great) and I will make sure to maintain that weight loss by counting calories and living a low carb lifestyle. I will try to remember to post my progress. I don't remember ever seeing the 170s so that would be a great milestone I will be excited to share:o ... My height is 5'7" so I should be closer to 120s-160s but I'm aiming for anything at this point B)
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    I'm on Day 5 and like it so far. I am (was?) seriously addicted to sugar and had the energy swings to prove it. Combine that with insulin-resistance in my family and I'm excited to see what happens to my energy.
    Except for a Day 3 keto-flu (thought I was going to DIE!), I feel great. Energy up, appetite way, way down.
    I do feel a little "sludgy", though, and miss lots of fruits and many veg. I'm finding ways to up my low-carb veg intake and drinking a ton of water. We'll see if that clears up.
    Glad to find you all. See you on the boards!
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    I know I'm a bit late, but just wanted to say "Welcome". I'm no longer following strict keto, but am doing low carb. I hope things are going well for you.