AGh...Family dinner tonight that I'm DREADING.

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I've been on a keto diet that's been working amazing for me. I gained a lot after my hip replacement surgery but lost it all within months and am 17 pounds away from my weight loss goal. Go me!!!

The problem is that my father in law is making his famous chili tonight-- and gets a bit offended when I don't eat his stuff (you know, typical "don't go on fad diets they're bad for you" guy. He's a wonderful father in law, but a terrible eater and foodie enabler.)
I HAVE to go because my husband is an epileptic and cannot drive-- and I can't be a jerk and just drop him off and bail. Even though that would be the easiest solution for ME. lol.
They also have been buying tart desserts which I CAN'T RESIST EVER. They use to only buy/make chocolate desserts which I can always resist, but of course my husband's aunt is staying with them and she has the same taste in dessert that I do.

Since I'm so close to my weight loss goal should I be ok with ONE cheat day? I've done it before and recovered but... man, you guys know how much keto flu sucks, and the many many trips to the bathroom after carbing out.


  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    Above all else, you need to live your life. Just don’t be surprised if you see a 3-5 lb gain in the short term. It’s normal and not a true gain. Just go back to Keto ASAP and keep on keeping on.
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    I would eat very small amounts as well , like almost just a couple of bites each , rave about how good it is , drink coffee and bring some coconut oil to put in it and creamer if they only use milk . just talk and have fun and no will notice and if they do just say I am almost at the target weight , but this food is wonderful !! family are the worse people when it comes to diets , they want you to eat , it is them showing love LOL I know I have fed my family out of love for years !!
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    I wouldn't even frame it as a cheat day. Can you split a tart with your husband? If not, have 1 max.
    Does the chili have beans?
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    So why do you have to "carb out"? Have a small bowl of chili with beans to keep peace and enjoy it. The dessert is up to you.You don't have to have a giant piece do you?
    My husband rarely eats dessert and rarely gets comments about not eating it.

    Flex eating is part of my plan. Events happen. Eating a few more carbs occasionally never makes me sick. I use some common sense.
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    So how did it go?
  • Smoked33
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    I would just eat if it's food I like... but if he's preparing something knowing you're low carb and you don't particularly care for it...then just nibble enough to be polite and move on. :)
  • DvlDwnInGA
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    You don't get fat in one meal. Go, eat the meal. If you want to get to nutty about it I like Mark Bell's idea of fasting into and out of a "cheat" meal. 12 hours in, 12 hours out.

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    Remember, though - fasting is a TOOL, not a punishment. As long as you are using it as part of the plan, and not solely because you went OFF plan, you're probably good.
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    I like a 45 min rule...because I can only eat so much in 45 min...and if you eat for 45 min, then you can go with 'oh, I couldn't eat another bit' the whole rest of the day or evening.
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    Wonderful that you are so close to goal. WooHoo! If you have been keto for any length of time it seems like you should be able to slip out and back into ketosis without the original symptoms. I don't do anything called a cheat day, and don't buy anything off plan and don't mention dieting as a guest. If I choose to indulge as a guest, I eat politely for hunger and try to stimulate conversation. That said, I limit eat out occasions because they are harder on me and sometimes ask to join the party after dinner. Frankly, I don't think anybody else is really interested in what I eat. I sure don't keep track of what they put in their mouths.
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    cici52 wrote: »
    Frankly, I don't think anybody else is really interested in what I eat. I sure don't keep track of what they put in their mouths.

    ^^^^This a hundred times this. <3

    Most people can't keep up with what they eat, much less what I eat. Same goes for the gym. Around here you are lucky you don't get run over at the gym because people are so concerned with what they are doing, they might not even see you heading to the same machines or other gym equipment.

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    I hope it went well. You're gonna have what I now call "planned diet breaks" to keep sanity in it. If I frame it as cheating, I feel guilty. When I plan for life events, I can get right back to LCHF/keto.
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    I'd say, just do what feels right. Weight loss happens when you make the right decision many, many, oh so many times. You don't gain from one meal (well unless you eat a bazillion calories!). Maybe have a day of focusing on staying under your calorie goal instead of counting carbs?