Week 11 Weigh In - June 18 (next weigh in is the last for this session)

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Weigh-in #11

Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal Weight:
Weigh-in #1:
Weigh-in #2:
Weigh-in #3:
Weigh-in #4:
Weigh-in #5:
Weigh-in #6:
Weigh-in #7:
Weigh-in #8:
Weigh-in #9:
Weigh-in #10:
Weigh-in #11:

A positive thought I had this week was:
A healthy snack/meal I chose this week was:
My most effective workout this week was:



  • nvasquez41
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    Challenge Start Weight: 134.4
    Challenge Goal Weight: 128
    Weigh-in #1: 134.8
    Weigh-in #2: 131.4
    Weigh-in #3: 133.2
    Weigh-in #4: 134.4
    Weigh-in #5: 134.8
    Weigh-in #6: 134.0
    Weigh-in #7: 133.8
    Weigh-in #8: 134.4
    Weigh-in #9: 133.0
    Weigh-in#10: 134.2
    Weigh-in#11: 135.4

    Okay I'm about to spew out an excuse that probably isn't justified but makes me feel better about such a gain. I just weighed in like an hour ago before my shower and I have been landscaping my backyard with my husband since like 8 this morning. I've been chugging serious amounts of water and I am hoping tomorrow I will be lighter.

    On a side note, landscaping is hard work and we definitely should've hired some help! We are replacing half of our backyard with rocks and desert plants and when the dump truck dropped off the first load of rocks I had a mini meltdown because it just seemed like so much work for just the two of us ( I am also on my period so water works were in full effect). Hours later I am thankful for the calories burn that shoveling rocks gives but we got two more days and two more truckloads to go.
  • shroodle88
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    Challenge Start Weight:59.3kg
    Challenge Goal Weight: 57kg

    Weigh-in #1:
    Weigh-in #2: 59.3
    Weigh-in #3: 58.7
    Weigh-in #4:
    Weigh-in #5: 60.3
    Weigh-in #6: 59.5
    Weigh-in #7: 58.2
    Weigh-in #8: 59.
    Weigh-in #9: 58.3
    Weigh-in #10: 57.8
    Weigh-in #11: 58.2

    Positive Thought: I've kept my weight and came in under my calorie goal even though staying with my family.

    Best workout: 7km run.

    Healthy snack: white asparagus is in season

    Comment: Foodwise, things are much easier with my family than anticipated. No work stress, no one pressures me into eating and since I am down with tonsillitis, I also cannot drink wine - which is rather a loss because my family enjoys a good drop. So far so good. At 1200cals, I don't lose weight anymore, but need to add exercise. This will require a concerted effort when I am recovered. It's fine. I look good where I am.
  • gesundundmunter
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    Week 11
    Challenge Start Weight: 236.8
    Challenge Goal Weight: 230.0
    Weigh-in #1: 237.0 (lowest 235.6)
    Weigh-in #2: 236.8 (lowest 235.6)
    Weigh-in #3: 236.4 (lowest 235.8)
    Weigh-in #4: 236.4 (lowest 235.0)
    Weigh-in #5: 237.4 (lowest 236.4)
    Weigh-in #6: 238.8
    Weigh-in #7: 240.8
    Weigh-in #8: 240.0
    Weigh-in #9: 239.0
    Weigh-in #10: 240.4
    Weigh-in #11: 240.0

    A positive thought: I need protein-dense food to stick to a calorie limit.
    A healthy snack/meal: Mozzarella cheese strings.
    My most effective workout this week was: Body cycle.

    Comments: I went through my wardrobe to dress up a bit for my about only social per month. When I buy big sizes so that they fit my hips the neckline often is too big, etc. I’ve been looking into plus-size sewing again but while dealing with my current real shape, this is also depressing to face.
  • cxwhit3
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    To all,
    What I see as our group progresses is that we are learning not to be so hard on ourselves. Small setbacks are to be expected and the most important thing is to start moving forward again. Our self-reflections are helping each other to think about where we are in this journey and that we are not alone. Keep up the good work everyone!
  • leonadixon
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    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:194.0
    Challenge Goal Weight:179.0

    Weigh-in#1: 194.5
    Weigh-in#2: 193.2
    Weigh-in#3: 194.6
    Weigh-in#4: 195.4
    Weigh-in#5: 195.4
    Weigh-in#6: 193.2
    Weigh-in#7: 193.4
    Weigh-in#8: 193.4
    Weigh-in#10: 193.0
    Weigh-in #11 191.4

    A positive thought: Woooot! A loss, finally! I was stuck for so long! I'm sticking to my "Intermittent Fasting" (only eating between noon and 8) and tightened up my logging. I have also increased my daily activity. @xcwhit3, thank you for the challenge to increase steps 5%. I have been sticking to that increase. I think I am ready to increase it again.

    Best workout: Swimming, walking, bike riding (first time today with hubby)

    Healthy snack: I don' really snack much with the short eating window, but loving fresh fruit, greek yogurt, and 100 calorie packs of popcorn!
  • poeciliareticulata
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    Challenge start weight: 143
    Challenge goal weight: 136
    Weigh-in #1: 142
    Weigh-in #2: 140
    Weigh-in #3: 140
    Weigh-in #4: 139
    Weigh-in #5: 139
    Weigh-in #6: 138
    Weigh-in #7: 138
    Weigh-in #8: 138
    Weigh-in #9: 136
    Weigh-in #10: 136
    Weigh-in #11: 137

    Tough week last week. So busy at work that I didn’t manage to get out for my daily walks. Went over maintenance (but only by a bit) at least three times and over goal almost every day. Now struggling to get back to it. :/
  • Niki_Fitz
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    edited June 2018
    Challenge SW 133.9
    GW 125 or Recomp
    Wk1 132.2
    Wk2 131.5
    Wk3 131.1
    Wk4 132.9
    Wk5 131.8
    Wk6 131.7
    Wk7 130.8
    Wk8 132.6
    Wk9 132.7
    Wk10 131.5
    Wk11 131.6

    A positive thought I had this week was: I have made good choices. I don’t have to compare myself to anyone anymore

    Effective workout: added TRX moves to the circuit training

    Healthy meal: all the food

    Thoughts: I’m binge eating this week, boo. Somehow I’m working it in. I should probably just deliberately eat more? I want to break this cycle! Otherwise everything is good.

    Though my sis is struggling right now. She manages to eat less during stress. Why do I compare myself to my thin little sister even today, even when I’m doing well? I guess I’m still working on the non-comparing thing.
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