Any work lunch ideas?



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    I do a lot of leftover freezing. For instance, maybe I make skinny mongolian beef for dinner, I have 2 servings leftover so I freeze them in freezer bags and spread them out flat to freeze. Then they store easily in an upright position in a box in my freezer for easy access. I do this for most dinners I make, and when I want a convenient lunch, I go through my frozen meals and take a bag with me to work. It's not much different than buying a healthy choice frozen dinner, except maybe cheaper and you can control what goes into it. Most things freeze well, just make sure you aren't allowing it to sit out for long. Serve, eat, then immediately quick-cool and freeze.
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    Hi, I too tend to cook on Sundays so I can either take leftovers for lunch or just heat up dinner when I get home. However, when I want to take a salad to work I marinate the tomatoes and whatever protein I am having (usually chicken or shrimp) in the dressing overnight. I put some lettuce, spinach or arugula in a sandwich baggie. Sometime I take extras in a snack bag like cucumber or red peppers cut up. Occasionally I throw some Feta cheese and Kalamata olives (sliced) into the container with the marinated vegetables (tomatoes or red peppers) and protein. I have a few other easy salads that I prep the night before if anyone is interested.
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    I make lots of soups - I like hot food at lunch - I find it more filling. Put the soup in containers, freeze and grab one on my way to work. I do the same with low calorie muffins, mini frittata.
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    I often take a variety of stuff that I can just grab the night before. A small tin of tuna with lemon and pepper, slice of bread (toast it at lunch time), carrot sticks, celery sticks and hommus and a boiled egg. I also pack an apple and a mandarin, or some berries or other fruit and a small Greek yoghurt pouch. I am on low cal at the moment and these little things consumed through the day seem to keep me satisfied, are easy to prep and take when in a rush, and even though they seem a bit 'boring', taste great :-)
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    I made a yummy and easy recipe that I thought I'd share. I kind of made it up so I don't have a link:

    1 lb ground turkey cooked with low sodium taco seasoning
    1 cup black beans
    1 cup corn (I used frozen)
    1 can low sodium diced tomatoes
    2 zucchini, diced and sauteed
    Additional seasoning to taste (I avoided more salt, but added some chili powder for extra spice)

    I cooked up the turkey and zucchini in separate pans, then mixed in the other ingredients. It made a huge container of about 4-6 servings (depending on your appetite). I served it over cauliflower rice to keep the carbs down. Very filling lunch! Can serve with avocado on top if desired.
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    I made a chicken salad today for lunch tomorrow and I think I struck gold. Lol

    I blended 1 Oz Neufchâtel cheese, 1 tbsp mayo, 1/4 cup fresh spinach, black pepper & onion powder and added it to a drained 5 Oz can of chicken. Each portion is about 140 calories.

    I divided it into two portions and will have one with 4 or 5 Milton’s multigrain crackers.
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    Here's my lunch prep this week (makes 4 lunches): Ranch-dip Turkey Burger Patties and Broccoli Coleslaw (about 430 calories).

    Turkey Burgers:

    Mix 1 lb lean ground turkey, 1 egg, 1/4 cup italian breadcrumbs, 1 grated yellow onion (squeeze the liquid out), 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce, 2 tbsp ketchup, and spices (dried parsley, oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper). Divide into 4, form patties with a depression in the middle for even cooking, and cook over medium heat (in 1 tbsp olive oil) for 7 minutes on each side.

    Ranch Dip:

    Combine 4 oz nonfat greek yogurt with 2 tsp of hidden valley ranch dip seasoning.

    Broccoli Coleslaw:

    Mix 6 oz nonfat plain greek yogurt, 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp honey, and spices (garlic powder, onion powder, ground mustard, salt, and pepper). Stir well, then add 12 oz (1 bag) of broccoli slaw and mix to combine.

    In each tupperware, place one burger with ranch dip on top, next to 1/4 of the coleslaw. This probably took me about 45 minutes on a Sunday. Not bad at all!
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    measem1 wrote: »
    You could also bring last nights leftovers, I do this often, Tonight making a Walking Off Weight recipe called "Stir fried Orange Chicken and Broccoli" sounds real good and will have left overs since only 2 of us are eating...anyway just a thought...

    Leftovers are my daily lunches.
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    mini seven layer dip with a few chips..easy and filling...make a few at a time, to have lunch or a snack.
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    Sue3113 wrote: »
    mini seven layer dip with a few chips..easy and filling...make a few at a time, to have lunch or a snack.

    What a great idea!!!
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    I will sometimes make a nice healthy dinner and then take the leftovers for lunch the next day. However, if I am unable to do that. I will purchase healthy choice steamers from Wal-mart. Or if you have access to Aldi you can purchase their vegan burgers. They are really good. They also have some organic quinoa mediterranean bowls now too! Sometimes, I don't have time to cook and that's ok. I also like to buy salsa, it is pretty low calorie, like 25 calories a tbs and dipping sweet peppers or broccoli in the salsa. Super easy, just have to chop or buy it pre-chopped.
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    I make a super easy sloppy joe mix with organic ingredients and use a small whole wheat bun. Just 1 lb of organic hamburger sloppy joe makes a week's worth of delicious sandwiches. I bring the bun and mix separately and heat up the mix in the lunchroom microwave. The neat thing is that the mix gets better tasting each day! Add a piece of fruit, and a small handful of nuts and you are set for the rest of the day.
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    I made some awesome black bean burgers last week, and I just put it on half a whole-wheat english muffin (open-faced burger style). They were delicious.

    1 can black beans rinsed, drained, and mashed
    3/4 cup bread crumbs
    1 egg
    1/2 green pepper and 1/2 onion, chopped very small (squeeze out as much moisture as possible with paper towels)
    3 cloves minced garlic
    1 tbsp chili powder
    1 tbsp cumin
    2 tsp thai chili sauce

    Form into 4 or 5 burgers depending on your serving size preference. Freeze for an hour or so before baking at 375 for 12 minutes on each side approx.

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    Meatballs have become my go-to because they're so easy! For 4 lunches, you need a pound of ground turkey or ground beef, 1 egg, 1/4 cup breadcrumbs, 1 grated onion with liquid squeezed out, and then whatever spices and flavorings suit your fancy. I especially love curry-spiced meatballs and Italian herb meatballs. I usually just pack them with a vegetable side, a little bit of good bread (like a deconstructed meatball sub), or a little salad.
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    I love all of the great ideas in this sub, however... when I tried to do it all the night before, I have failed many times. I discovered meal prepping this year, and it has changed my way of thinking. Consider prepping on the weekend lunches for the whole week. Try not to be redundant. I try to vary mine just a little every. Like maybe Mon-wed-fri is one thing, and tues-thurs is another.
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    Sometimes I do a meal prep on a Sunday and do 5 portions of chicken with smoked paprika, brown rice and veggies.
    Other times I switch it up. I had a Jacket potato with beans and a side salad yesterday and today I have tuna pasta bake.
    I'm lucky we have great kitchen facilities at my work place, I could cook from scratch every day!
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    Chicken sausage (Gilberts has them individually packaged), string cheese, veggies & hummus. Had this yesterday and I was very satisfied!
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    I do all of my cooking for the week on Sunday. I make my menu and grocery list on Thursdays and I do the shopping on Friday afternoons after work. I take my lunch and am a low carber and seperate all my meals out after they are cooked according to my menu. I buy large packs of chicken breast, fresh salmon, shrimp, and sirloin steak and portion those out so that there is always a protein available if I am in a crunch. (I make those as needed and keep them in the basket of my freezer). I make sure to buy plenty of fresh veggies because those are a staple in my diet and I find all kinds of new ways to flavor them. This seems like a lot of work, but if you keep your past menus (and refer to them) and know what you have on hand when you go to make your list - its a snap! It saves a ton of time and it saves money. I haven't eaten takeout since I started doing this because I am always prepared. I love some of the food suggestions on here and can not wait to read more.