Starving before bed

jules006 Posts: 5 Member
any tips to battle the hunger from 8:30-10:30? We eat at 6 in our house with the little ones but I’m always starving a couple hours later. Trying to drink tons of water...


  • tevez032
    tevez032 Posts: 47 Member
    I tend to fill in with a banana if I'm hungry
  • skirk1187
    skirk1187 Posts: 4 Member
    Sorry not sure on this one, I don't get in from work till after 7.30 so we eat later, either my other half has tea ready when in get in, or I set on to cook and its ready about 8. Then as I'm not a night owl, I tend to be in bed by 10 so no time to get hungry again! Would agree with both tactics, water or fruit, when I'm hungry during the day mid morning etc I def reach for water to put me on til lunch, not sure on it satisfying me if there wasn't a meal coming soon though. Also seen it suggested to brush your teeth, as the taste of toothpaste will make you less likely to want to eat? Not sure it'd be enough to put me off lol. Chewing gum maybe? Xx