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Adean2010Adean2010 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
My birthday was a few days ago, and I didn't even think about cake. I was out and about all day, keeping busy and active. I broke up with my, short term, boyfriend that day, who turned out to be a MAJOR stress factor, and a cause for bad habits. I am two weeks in to eating healthy and staying accountable for myself. I have lost 4 pounds. Not much, but I'm taking it. I feel happy. I feel healthier, already. I feel like I'm back to my old self, again. I'm 26, Single, and Free.... Life is a really good place, right now.


  • GamlielaGamliela Posts: 2,458Member Member Posts: 2,458Member Member
    Adean, that's great! Having courage to put your recovery first is something to hold on to. Congrats on the 4 pounds. I have been counting calories and staying within limits for a month and for me its been slow, but today I can see some results for the first time!

    Nice to see this thread you started. Maybe we will see a few more 'success' stories no matter how small they may seem, posted here! I think its good support reading about the " Small Victories".
  • Adean2010Adean2010 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    Thank you. I think people over look the small stuff that really does matter. Jeans fit a little better, walked just a little farther than normal, didn't binge, lost a pound. I think if we count these things, we'd be a little more proud of ourselves, and weight-loss wouldn't be such a pain.
  • purplicious86purplicious86 Posts: 43Member Member Posts: 43Member Member
    Thats a great step. Each little change makes a difference!
  • sylvia270sylvia270 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    Keep up the good work
  • clsumrall1clsumrall1 Posts: 474Member Member Posts: 474Member Member
    I’m so happy yesterday my BMI is down below 40 at 39.4. First time in 30 years and today I began my 2 week liquid diet and then bypass surgery on the 8/29/2018. Also lost 2 more inches in the last 2 weeks. Yea!! How is everyone doing?
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  • GamlielaGamliela Posts: 2,458Member Member Posts: 2,458Member Member
    congratulations clsumrall1! I've been able to keep up walking a couple hours a day for a month now and I'm seeing some weight loss.

    I need to look more closely as to why I stopped maintaining early last spring so I dont fall into that trap again in the fall. I put n a lot of weight really quickly and I really dread having to go through this again.

    Best to everybody! 😊
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