The First 100 Days

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Name: Danielle

Age: 27

Height: 5'5"

Starting Weight: 215.0

Goal Weight: 140.0


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    Day: 1

    Weight: 215.0

    Total Lost: 0

    Calories Today: 1,032

    Fast: 24 hours 11 minutes

    Today was my first fast, I did pretty good I think. I drank a boat ton of water. I was pretty hungry this morning, but after a few hours it got easier. I didn't get hungry again until dinner! I know that I am feeling optimistic and that this is a "newbie high", but I hope it lasts a few days.

    I made taco salad for dinner, I skipped the cheese, and got full before I finished. Still finished though. There is something so satisfying about feeling full.

    Tomorrow my family has invited me to a buffet. I'm a bit nervous, but my goal is to fill one plate and that's it!! We will see.
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    Good luck at the buffet. Have fun with it.
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    Hi there and a warm welcome☺
    Good luck with your buffet outing.👍
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    You've got this!
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    WELCOME! You totally can handle the buffet stick to your plan!
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    Day: 2

    Weight: 214.0

    Total Lost: 1.0

    Calories Today: 1,688

    Fast: 19 hours 56 minutes

    4:47pm - One hour until I break my fast. I am struggling. I am so hungry. I've had so much water I'm slushy. I've had some diet soda for fizz and caffeine. Still. Hungry. But I'm holding on. One hour until dinner...

    7:00pm - UGH, I ate soooo much. Probably too  much. I had 3 plates, but for all 3 I didn't fill and 1/2 of each plate was green beans. I had pizza, 5 baby slices, all BBQ chicken flavored and a couple of bread sticks. I'm full for the day and can't even imagine eating again anytime soon.

    This was not the week to start OMAD. I have 2 family dinners and a festival I'm going to. That's 4 meals out of my house. I'm going to do my best....we will see.
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    You are doing good. You are eating at dinner time. I am doing the same.
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    Sounds like you are doing well. I promise, it does gets easier. Sometimes now, I have to remind myself to eat. I have NEVER EVER EVER had to do that in the past or with other ways of eating.
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    Day: 3

    Weight: 211.6

    Total Lost: 3.4

    Calories Today: 1,302

    Fast:  27 hours 46 minutes

    9:13am - I'm pretty excited with my weight loss so far. I was honestly surprised to wake up to a loss, it felt like I shoved myself full of food. I mean I went to a pizza buffet and still managed to lose over 2 pounds??? How fun is that!

    Last night my tummy was upset though and it continued into today. I'm going to do some research and see if upset stomach is a common side effect of OMAD, or if I may be getting sick. I guess the good news is I'm not thinking about food, because my stomach hurts...

    11:30am - I am going to a festival today, the Scandinavian Festival. I look forward to it every year because of the food they have! Meat pies, Swedish meatballs, curled fried potatoes, Fry-Jos (elephant ears). The only reason we go is to eat. So...I'm conflicted. I don't want to change my life and the experiences I have just because of a, I guess I make my OMAD at lunch and hope it'll be ok for the day?? I'm conflicted, also, my tummy still hurts.

    12:00pm - Change in plans. We decided that my tummy isn't good enough to go to the festival today. So we are going tomorrow. Boyman (my partner in crime), suggested we eat a light meal today that won't upset my tummy so tomorrow we can go. I was planning to break my fast at lunch time today, but now it looks like it'll be a dinner break. So over 24 hours of fasting, it'll probably be good for my stomach.

    2:06pm - I'm so proud of me! Boyman and I decided to go to the family farm and pick some produce. We ended up picking blackberries  (my favorite) and while we were doing that I didn't eat ANY!!!!! I am so proud of myself. Normally I would eat some. And though it likely wouldn't be a big deal, had I ate some. I didn't want to break my fast, and I'm proud of myself.

    8:12pm - I'm officially into my longest fast. I'm at 25 hours now. Boyman isn't hungry for dinner yet, and I haven't told him I'm doing OMAD, so he doesn't understand that waiting 2 hours is pure torture....he doesn't want dinner until 10pm....that's 27 hours with no food. This. Is. Hard!

    10:30pm - Finally eating. Yessssss. So as I eat I've noticed my stomach starts to hurt. I couldn't find anything about this with my research. Maybe I need to dig deeper...

    Here's to another successful day!
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    Day: 4

    Weight: 212.4

    Total Lost: 2.6

    Calories Today: 2,426

    Fast:  12 hours 11 minutes

    Ugh, today was rough. I knew that I'd be breaking my fast after about 12 hours because of the festival. What I didn't realize was how much I'd eat. I almost didn't eat dinner, but decided that I wasn't going to "punish" myself for breaking my fast, and instead just pick up where I left off. So I had dinner and now I'm not going to eat until dinner tomorrow. I was worried to go 33 hours with no food. I wasn't sure I could make that successfully.

    I know my weight will be up tomorrow. But I stayed at maintenence today, I'll take that as a win!
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    Don't be too hard on yourself! To me, OMAD has become a lifestyle. If I don't succeed today, I will start again tomorrow. It was hard when I first started but it gets easier as time goes by. Hang in there! Take care!
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    Day: 5 and 6

    Weight: Unknown

    Total Lost: Unknown

    Calories Today: Unknown

    Fast:  Nonexistent

    I debated with myself whether to even post this. But it's real life and I don't want to pretend it's perfect. When I look back on this, I want to see the reality of weight loss and changing my eating pattern.

    This weekend didn't go well, food wise. With the festival and family outings it was nearly impossible to stick to my plan. So I didn't. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it, but I do. So I'm writing it down to get it out.

    I'm not perfect, my eating plan isn't perfect, and you know what? That's ok. Because I get a new day every day! A new chance to make future Danielle proud. So I'm going to enjoy all the amazing memories I made this weekend, and move forward with myself, proud that I'm not giving up.

    Here's to a new week, without a festival!!
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    Don't worry about one bad day. It won't make a big difference. You won't lose that day and will only gain a little fat. Most weight gain after a splurge day is food/water gain. Get back on the diet and you will be back in a couple of days. Don't be so aggressive with the diet that you can't keep it up. Slow and steady will win the race! Good luck.
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    Day: 7

    Weight: 215.0

    Total Lost: 0

    Calories Today: 2,130

    Fast: Nonexistent

    Just keep swimming...
  • blambo61
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    Keep trying!
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    If you don't succeed at first, try try again! Cheering you on!