Different Roads.

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A friend of mine typed out a status that definitely spoke to me and reminded me that each person's road through life is different and it's good to remember that even though your road may parallel someone else's for a while, it's still slightly different. Your road is yours and yours alone. It may become bumpy, it may curve out of your view, and it may need to stop at times for reconstruction. You may run and sprint at times, you may have to slow down and walk, hell you may even need to walk/run in place for a bit or sit down to refocus and decide the direction you'll head next. Just remember to not compare your road to anyone else's. They may appear the same from the outside but once on that road its a totally different view. They may seem to be ahead in life but what you don't see is that pile of orange cones about to jack up their road where yours may smooth out for a bit. Each persons road is different, each person's stride is different, and milestones are different. Don't judge someones road from the outside view, you can't see whats coming up ahead in their lane.
Do take time to celebrate those milestones, even if you think its small (hell, sometimes I celebrate getting out of bed in the morning!!!!). Celebrate and congratulate yourself! Share with a friend and they can celebrate with you! We celebrate our friends accomplishments no matter how small, but we tend to not celebrate our own small accomplishments... it's time to change that!

What was your accomplishment today? This week? This month? Drop an accomplishment down below.. I don't care how small you think it is!! It's an accomplishment, and those my friend... are a BIG deal!


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    @loveshoe You're welcome!! I need this too. :) I'm terrible about celebrating the small things. Moving the weights up, I should cheer, but instead, I think, well, it's "only" 20 pounds... but when I started it was 5! SO, woot!!

    Get those steps in! You'll feel better! :D:D Happy Day!
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    @Samquentin this speaks volumes and so relevant to my life right now. I was on vacation for about a week and a half - went to Alaska and got back Saturday night. Today is my first day back at work..I am stressed, exhausted and I went to Starbucks and got a hot tea and as tempted as I was to get a biscotti, I didn’t. I planned all of my meals and snacks today and that is what I am sticking with today. My daughter wouldn’t let me get out of bed to go on my Peloton this morning but as of now I plan to get on once I get home even if it’s only 15 mins.
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    What a great post! I'm going to hang on to this message.
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    So great to read this. Yesterday after getting limited steps in for 4 days. Yesterday back in the saddle got all my steps in and up my calories by 150 and water 100 oz. And this morning broke my 4 day stall. Down 2 pounds. HW 256. SW 229 1day later post surgery 236. CW 220. Bypass 8/28/18