What is YOUR workout schedule/plan?

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So for awhile now I've been a pretty steady "morning" workout person - not because I like mornings (hate them actually), but because that's when I'll actually get it done.

I typically do some kind of lifting/ST rotation and some kind of HIIT style cardio/muscle endurance sessions. Very little steady state cardio. Usually about 2 hours including a cool-down stretch sesh at the end.

Thinking about adding in a short cardio session in the afternoons when I get home - a short run, Zumba video, etc. Something along that line, and shortening my morning workouts so the torture of getting up so early isn't such a big deal.

No idea if I'll stick with the post work workout, so may very well end up going back, but would like to break things up a bit as well so ALL of my activity isn't in just one part of the day (desk job.....).

What is your workout plan like. and what schedule works best for you?


  • mom23mangos
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    Mine is similar to yours. But I do have the afternoon cardio. I come home from work and either play Beat Saber (VR game) or take the dog for about a 30min walk. One of the step goals my insurance company gives us money for is 3ksteps in 30 min daily. That’s how I get mine in.
  • FitSeachely
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    I aim for 30 to 60 minutes every morning and it varies with the season and weather. This summer, I enjoyed a bicycle ride. Rainy days, I will yoga or hiit or do a whole body weight training routine. On days I don’t feel it, i walk on the treadmill with a book for an hour.
  • mekelly
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    I exercise in the morning too, 45 - 60 mins, either a strength session, bike ride or walk. I find it's too easy to find excuses to skip a workout in the afternoon, better to commit to doing it early when nothing can get in the way. I do like the idea of doing a short Zumba or Pilates video in the afternoon when time permits though, I might try and do this a couple of times a week just to help burn a few extra calories!
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    I lift moderately heavy three days a week, about 90 minutes in the gym all the days. Nothing else, I'm a SAHM to 3 little kids, I have no time for anything else.

    It either happens in the morning before 12:30 or after 4:30 in the afternoon, because no gyms offer childcare between lunch and after school, apparently.
  • DomesticKat
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    For the last year I've done my workouts at lunch time. I'm currently doing a full-body strength program (Strong by Bret) three days a week. In the past I worked out later in the evenings but this feels way more efficient to me because I have more energy and then I have the whole evening to get other things done.
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    I exercise in the morning for the same reason @honeybadger155, just getting it done. I sometimes train after work or on breaks, but only if I have to. My work schedule is going to change in September though, so this gets me thinking about changing things up.

    I lift three mornings a week and jog/sprint two mornings. I might walk the dogs some afternoons but I don’t do any official exercise in the evenings. There’s a Zumba class and a yoga class I could make it to on weeknights with the right mindset and I really want to make it happen in the fall.

  • RadishEater
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    I do morning and evenings sometimes because I just have a lot of hobbies or need a break from work
    sun: 5mile run, a light horseback ride in evening
    mon: weights at gym+elliptical midday
    tues: spinning morning
    wed: core exercise class evening +elliptical warmup ,
    thurs: horse ride morning + elliptical in afternoon
    fri: spinning morning
    sat: horse ride morning + 4mile walk in afternoon

    I also walk to work which is 15 mins each way, then the gym is another 15 mins each way, and sometimes I just take a walk break in the afternoon anyways or walk a long way home
  • glittersupernova
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    I do a mix of cardio (elliptical) for maybe 15 minutes max to get my heart rate up and then weight training exercises/machines a few days per week for now (e.g. lateral pull down machine, leg adductor/abductor, etc.). I’m hoping to bump it up to at least 4 days per week.

    Once per week, I also work with an athletics personal trainer who mixes up my routine but targets my whole body with any of the following and more:
    Pushups, squats, planks, deadlifts, assisted pull-ups, crunches, rowing, Bulgarian split squats, curls, etc.

    His workout is always 30 minutes but with awesome payoff!
  • lagoscarrie
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    I exercise outdoors (trail running) and do in an increasing number of Woss strap pull-ups before I go out for my run. I have to adapt my schedule based on the temperature so all summer I've been running right at sunset.

    As it gets colder, I move earlier into the day -- but I NEVER run in the morning if I can help it! It gets challenging, running every day in the summer when everyone else is doing things, but I've been committed: showing up to a dinner party a little late (hubbie makes excuses for me) etc. I love my runs, and juggling my schedule to be outdoors is worth it to me.
  • Healthy_Libby
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    Workout schedule:
    Sunday: self care Sundays :)
    Monday: Leg/glutes
    Tuesday:back biceps +30minute cross trainer
    Wednesday:Abs/shoulders + 30mis cross trainer
    Thursday: Legs/glutes (or not depending how sore/tired I am)
    Friday: Chest/triceps +30min crosstrainer
    Saturday: Parkrun 5km

    I am really just starting, and putting together workouts as I go along. Todays was like this:

    Warm up:
    5mins treadmill 6.5km/hr
    Stretches: Pike, down dog, cat cow, quads
    10 squats, push ups, sit ups, glute bridge, superwomen :), hollow position, lat raises.
    Barbell squat, 5x5 bar only
    Deadlift 10kg 12x3
    smithmachine(SM): assited pistol squat 5
    (SM)kneeling squats 6.5kg 12x3
    (SM) Calf raises 10x3 bar only
    ball leg curl 12x3
    Cable pull through 40kg 12x3
    Hip thrust single leg body weight 10 each leg
    Hip thrust 7.5kg 12x3
    Single leg press 11kg 12x3
    Leg press 32kg 12x3
    leg curl 23kg 12x3
    leg extentsion 18kg 12x3
    abductions inner thigh 18kg 12x3
    outer thigh 27kg 12x3
    Cool down
    hip extentsions 12x3
    plank 30s
    rollout legs

    Still figuring out weight/reps and how best to work with it on the daily :)
  • 12Sarah2015
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    I'm back on the bandwagon for exercise. Trying to get 40 minute walks with the pram four days per week and dancing. Hoping to be jogging and skipping again soon!
  • 43Ninebark
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    I try to go to bootcamp on Monday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday morning. It's a hard hour long mix of cardio and strength exercises. We used to run 5-6 miles together on Wednesday evenings as well, and I want to start that up again next week.
    I've also started doing Rebecca Louise Youtube videos with some friends on other days, 30-40 mins. Or biking, walking with them.
  • dr_russky
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    It sounds like I am in the minority as an evening workout person. In addition to getting ready for work in the morning, I have two kids to get out the door and on the bus (ages 7 and 5, so they need lots of reminders), so evenings work better for me. I currently get in 10,000 steps per day, and do T-25 5 - 6 times a week. I also recently started taking a weekly karate class to incorporate a more active hobby into my routine.
  • cgibson522
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    I’ve been working out in the mornings so I can’t use the excuse that there’s too much for me to do at work for me to leave on time to workout. I find I’m much more accountable when I sign up for classes so I’ve been using class pass to go to a variety of classes at a discount.
  • KcRavassa
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    I rock climb in the evenings a few days a week, sometimes I'll set the treadmill to hill mode once or twice a week, and I walk a mile or two during my lunch break. I don't plan my workouts per say, aside from the climbing (because I meet with people and have to have some sort of schedule!).
  • dangerousdashie
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    I walk 10k-20k steps everyday and I weight lift 3x a week. I do strong curves. I do some walking in the morning and then more throughout the day. On gym days I go whenever it’s not crowded according to google so either 7am or 2/3pm.
  • VanVanDiane
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    I aim for at least 10k steps per day as well. I walk to and from work 4 days a week (30 mins /3k steps each way) and am on my feet most of the day at work. I do bodyweight exercises 3 days a week and have been doing so for about 6 months on my current programme ( did Strong Curves for the 3 months previous). If I can find the energy / motivation I'll do BodyCombat a couple of times a week too. Anything to enable my ice-cream/cake/Prosecco fix o:)
  • RadishEater
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    I aim for at least 10k steps per day as well. I walk to and from work 4 days a week (30 mins /3k steps each way) and am on my feet most of the day at work. I do bodyweight exercises 3 days a week and have been doing so for about 6 months on my current programme ( did Strong Curves for the 3 months previous). If I can find the energy / motivation I'll do BodyCombat a couple of times a week too. Anything to enable my ice-cream/cake/Prosecco fix o:)

    Mini sidetrack @VanVanDiane , did strong curves require weights or equipment? I've been thinking about starting but not sure of the feasibility due to my very limited exercise equipment inventory.
  • hpmc0929
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    I work out 5 days a week. I'm not into mornings, I avoid it if I can...
    After a lot of competitive sports when I was at university, I now struggle with injuries, so this is my rehab/stay fit plan:

    Mon: Legs + rehab exercises + 15 min cardio
    Tues: Rest
    Wed: Spinning + rehab exercises
    Thur: Rest
    Fri: Back + rehab exercises + 20 min cardio
    Sat: Mix: anything I feel would be fun to do in the gym. Yesterday it was deadlifts and squats (very carefully) Oh, and rehab exercises as usual
    Sun: Long spinning class

  • JBanx256
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    I work 12-hour rotating shifts (meaning we rotate between day shift & night shift) so sometimes I'll work out at 2am & sometimes I'll work out at 2pm, just depends on the day. Generally though it's strength training followed by some light cardio (elliptical usually).