Lap Band Fail, Prepping for Gastric Bypass now.


I am finally back to MFP after so long! I had the lap band procedure about 10 years ago in Mexico and lost 100 lbs., (I was 270 lbs. the day of surgery) As time passed by I began to have complications due to severe gastritis so I had all of the liquid removed to the point where my lap band became useless. 3 children later I am back up 80 lbs (Now at 242 lbs).

I've recently discussed this with my doctor and she recommended I have it removed. Well, about 2 weeks ago my lap band finally came out of my body. Now, I have begun a 12 week program to prepare me for either Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve (whichever I choose).

Part of this 12 week program is to help me learn new eating habits, the proper way to eat, how to control my emotional eating and also, required to lose 5-10% of my start weight (about 25 lbs.).

Welll, I am currently on week 3 and have already lost 11 lbs.! (231 lbs. now) Yay, I'm so happy. I am still healing from the removal of the lap band and have not been able to begin doing exercise (besides walking) but I am excited and hopeful that next week I'll be able to recuperate fully and begin kicking *kitten* by lifting weights and doing more strenuous exercises.

I would like to find other people that are in about the same situation as me and become MFP pals so that we can encourage one another. As of now I only have my cousin on my friends list LOL, I love her but I would love more support.

Please ask questions, add me and let's kick *kitten* together.

Good luck!
-Adri's Happy Journey <3


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    Adrishappyjo, Thank you for sharing your story. I have no experience with the lap band but I do have friends that tried that route and everyone eventually had complications. So you are not alone in that aspect.

    You may not believe it but you actually had success. You had three kids and a failed lap band but and you didn't gain all of your weight back. Stopping regain is one of the hardest things there is to do. It's so easy to gain back what you lost and then a few more pounds so stopping before you went there is success.

    I had the gastric sleeve in 2015, lost 103 pounds. I've had a rough summer but I'm managing to stay in the normal weight range for my height.

    I promise you I don't have all the answers but I will answer any question you have based on my personal experience. My diary is open to friends so you can see what I eat on a daily basis. I'm sending you a friend request.

    Welcome back, this is a great group where you'll find lots of support.
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    Adrishappyjo, Thank you for sharing your story. Iquote]

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I am looking forward to your support and to support you as well. I am going to snoop around your profile soon ;) haha!

    I am excited for gastric surgery but, at the same time, hopeful that I can lose weight on my own before I am even scheduled. If I could only get to 180 lbs. I would feel confident in my own ability to finally conquer my battle with being overweight. At the same time, I also look forward to using the bypass as a tool to help me keep my goals in order.

    I have so many questions, but I think the one I'd like to get more input on is recovery. I am still recovering from the removal of my lap band and, although it's been two weeks, I still dont' feel 100%. As I've aged my body takes longer to heal and I'm concerned about how the gastric will impact my life. Any feedback?

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    I’m 61 and had the bypass done 8/29/18 so happy I chose this surgery. Already I’m off blood pressure meds and Soon to be lowering my Synthroid meds HW257
    SW 229 1day after surgery 236
    CW 217. And begin my 4 week out on Wednesday. Very easily filled up with 1/4-1/2 cup cottage cheese or ricotta or scrambled eggs ect. Good luck on this new journey. Each pound you loose you will be stronger and healthier.
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    I had the lap band surgery 10 years ago and I didn't have any complications, but it wasn't really successful for me. I did lose about 50 lbs initially, but that 50 came back and then more was added to it. I don't blame the band as much as I blame myself. The band was a tool and I chose not to use it. I think, for me, emotional eating is a big part of it and no surgery will fix that. I finally decided to go back to my old weight management clinic (where they did the surgery) and ask to go through the medical side. I will be seeing a doctor, a dietitian and a fitness instructor. One thing I have noticed, is that when I eat the GOOD foods, I notice the band still works. I can only small portions of meats and vegetables. So maybe MFP is helping me to use this tool. Good luck with your new surgery.