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October Monthly Challenge



  • CarolynRSBCarolynRSB Member Posts: 84 Member Member Posts: 84 Member
    SW (29 July 2018): 178
    GW: 138

    09/30: 164.5
    10/07: 163.5

    Another pound down, for 14.5 total loss; I hit that on Friday morning, and the scale didn't budge one way or the other yesterday or this morning. Might be a bit much to hope for, looking at my weight loss pattern, to hit 158 by the end of the month (5.5 pound loss in three weeks), but that's still my goal. As I mentioned the prior week, the low-mid 160s is a weight area my body has become very familiar with over the past few years (moreso than the 170s), so it's hard to get truly excited about my loss until I get into the 150s.

    I made it to muay thai three times this past week, which feels great (and sore at the same time!). I plan to continue that pattern as possible, though the gym is closed Monday for the federal holiday. I'll be active today with all the yard work I have planned. Actually, a few items will help to keep me moving, as opposed to just on my *kitten*.

    We bought our house last November, and it's a bit of a project. Now that the weather is cooling off here, we can continue organizing our garage and carve out space for a gym. The summer it gets way too hot in there to do heavy lifting, but fall/winter will give us ample time to get organized, and figure out how to keep things cool enough in summer to continue using it. We also set the goal of getting our guestroom and bedroom ready by mid-December, when my parents plan to come out to visit. This being a project house, there is more than just painting to be done. For example, we discovered when preparing the office that the window was not properly hung. We had to pull the drywall out from around the window and attach the frame to the joists! We suspect it's like this with the other windows as well... if there was a cheap way to do something, the prior owners did it! So yeah, these will keep us busy, in addition to work and working out.

    I would like to hit 161.5 next Sunday. Here goes nothing!
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  • PrincesseAly23PrincesseAly23 Member, Premium Posts: 440 Member Member, Premium Posts: 440 Member
    Hello everyone! I dropped off of here at the end of Sept because we were moving and because my scale broke :neutral: I’ve got to buy a new one! The move went well but I fell off the wagon because all of my stuff was in boxes and we were so exhausted from moving/cleaning/painting that we just ate whatever was close/easy. I have no idea what the damage is, but im not feeling too bad (not bloated or achy). Maybe it’s because of all of the intense physical activity? Either way, I’m hopping back on the wagon today to try to keep on track for the rest of October.

    Started Keto: May 9, 2018
    Starting Weight: 210.4
    Lowest weight: 186.4 (I’ve bounced back up a bit from cheating)
    (Loss of 22” and 24Lbs!)
    Next goals:
    10/19 - 185
    12/17 - 175
    01/01 - 169? (Prob unrealistic, but I’d be thrilled!)
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145

    Sunday 10/07 - unknown. No scale.
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28
    Wednesday 10/31

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  • eggfooyamyameggfooyamyam Member Posts: 192 Member Member Posts: 192 Member
    I made my neighbors Birthday cake. I didn't just make her birthday cake, I made Kate's Sticky Toffee Apple Caramel Cake from the wildly popular show on Netflix, The Great British Bake-Off. It took me two days. The kitchen was a mess with flour, sugar, pots, and pans. I love to bake, but that is the last time I bake a standard flour & sugar cake. I was so sick from all the tasting, licking, and sampling; I got serious sugar rage. I had completely forgotten what sugar does to my mood. I know it kicked me out of ketosis. It's okay though, I went out with a bang - the cake looked amazing. I even got a Paul Hollywood handshake from one of the party guests :smiley: However, as soon as I was done with the cake I threw out all the leftover bags of sugar & flour. I hate throwing away food, but that is not food! All bakes from now on will be a commitment to KETO ingredients. I'm headed to the mountains this morning for a little hike - that will help get my mind and body get back in the swing of things. All these years the slogan should have been, "SUGAR, just say NO!" I'm convinced, it's the worst drug out there.

    Start 3/1 - 184
    Current - 156

    Sunday 10/07 - 156.2
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28
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  • jaclynsmills25jaclynsmills25 Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    Sunday 10/07: 141.6
    Sunday 10/14:
    Sunday 10/21:
    Sunday 10/28:

    When I went to the Dr. 2 days ago I was 144 but I had all my clothes and shoes on. I’ve been doing great during the last two days but night is when I fall off. I’m just going to keep going and resist the temptation :) Can’t wait to see what I weigh in a week!
  • gwendyprismgwendyprism Member Posts: 223 Member Member Posts: 223 Member

    Monday 10/1- 180.3. Blood glucose 91
    Sunday 10/07- 177.5. Blood glucose 79
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28
    Wednesday 10/31

    Very happy with my first week keto results. That's a huge amount of weight for me to lose in a week! Ive been struggling to get into the 170s all year.
  • PaulaKroPaulaKro Member Posts: 5,018 Member Member Posts: 5,018 Member
  • sykinsykin Member Posts: 1,535 Member Member Posts: 1,535 Member
    sykin wrote: »
    Started Keto: June 21
    Starting Weight: 167.4
    Sunday 09/30: 145.8
    Goal Weight: 143

    Sunday 10/07: 144.4
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28

    This month, I need to work on toning and getting back to a normal exercise routine. Less focused on weight and more on size. Size 12, here I come!!
  • GrandmaJackieGrandmaJackie Member Posts: 32,267 Member Member Posts: 32,267 Member
    October’s goal is to get under 140, :) updated the spreadsheet.

    Sunday 10/07: 141.1
    Sunday 10/14:
    Sunday 10/21:
    Sunday 10/28:
  • GrandmaJackieGrandmaJackie Member Posts: 32,267 Member Member Posts: 32,267 Member
    @sykin, woot hoot your doing a fabulous job!
  • lcantrell65lcantrell65 Member Posts: 228 Member Member Posts: 228 Member
    HW: 321
    Keto SW: 301

    Sunday 09/30: 274.2

    Sunday 10/07 274.2 (~0) Well, darn it.
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28

    Wednesday 10/31

    My goal for October is to simply make it below the 270 mark.
  • Re_BananaRe_Banana Member Posts: 73 Member Member Posts: 73 Member
    Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that you are all doing a really amazing job! It's inspiring seeing all your posts with inches and lbs lost and health gained.

    I'm so excited as I'm officially into the 130s. Yesterday was thanksgiving though and I didn't really have control over what was served. I tried to make the right choices but I'm sure I went over on carbs (didn't bother tracking yesterday because I it would make me crazy trying to estimate everything in my head.) I assumed we were having turkey and I could just load up, but instead my family made a turkey bake complete with gravy, Cranberry sauce, and bread on top. I won't steps on the scale because I'm sure water retention will bring me back out of the 130s, so I've got until next Sunday to see if I can maintain this loss.

    Family dinners can be mild anxiety inducing for me, but last night went well for the most part.we don't really talk about weight or dieting in my family so *almost* everyone was really respectful and didn't mention it, except for my stepmoms mother who brought it up TWICE when I was in the room, and at least once when I wasn't. 😒

    Sunday 09/30:  141.2
    Sunday 10/07:  138.8 (-2.4)
    Sunday 10/14:
    Sunday 10/21:
    Sunday 10/28:
  • IsabeausRoseIsabeausRose Member Posts: 129 Member Member Posts: 129 Member
    SW 172.8
    10/7 172.8
  • VeronicaMarie27VeronicaMarie27 Member Posts: 40 Member Member Posts: 40 Member
    SW - 164
    CW - 161
    GW - 150

    Monday 10/01 - 161
    Sunday 10/07 - 161.8
    Sunday 10/14
    Sunday 10/21
    Sunday 10/28

    Haha..... well then. On Saturday I drank too much wine and ate too many Mission carb balance tortillas. (5g net carbs because there's so much fiber in each! But that doesn't mean I should just eat however many I want...) And I also didn't do great on Sunday. I don't think I kicked myself out of ketosis, but I do know I need to be stricter this week to get back on track with my goals. I'm trying not to get discouraged... but last time it seemed that the initial weight melted off so easily. I didn't have the initial drop in water weight this time for some reason, and I think that's probably because I already was drinking so much water. I'm also reminding myself that the last time I did keto I didn't notice a sudden dramatic difference but by the end of two months I was shocked at how different I looked/felt. Oh well - back to the grind and starting a new week!
  • zanyterpzanyterp Member, Premium Posts: 291 Member Member, Premium Posts: 291 Member
    SW (10'13): 388 (lost 133 lbs by 10'14)
    SW (10'18): 368

    GW (Oct): 268 (with two birthdays this month, I will be happy to hit the 100lb mark at "only" 10 lbs down this month)
    GW: 194 - 225 (not sure if I can be healthy or maintain at 194…but would be fun to say I lost half of myself. at least for a little bit and then maintain at a slightly higher weight)

    Monday 1 Oct: 278
    Monday 8 Oct: 275.6 <-- loss here but gain on the spreadsheet. go me! :'(
    Monday 15 Oct:
    Monday 22 Oct:
    Monday 29 Oct:
    Wednesday 31 Oct:
  • zanyterpzanyterp Member, Premium Posts: 291 Member Member, Premium Posts: 291 Member
    @eggfooyamyam i am jealous of your mad baking skills. i wish i could do that (though, like you, it would probably not be good for me in the staying off carb goal).
    as a side, am i reading your post correctly that you have been able to bake keto/keto-esque cakes? if yes, has that helped curb the sugar/cake craving? (unless you don't get those)
  • Meljoy2018Meljoy2018 Member, Premium Posts: 12 Member Member, Premium Posts: 12 Member
    Starting weight : 112.5kg
    Sunday 10/07: 109.5kg
    Sunday 10/14:
    Sunday 10/21:
    Sunday 10/28:
    Really struggling with weekends. Any advice that might help?
  • shirli2018shirli2018 Member Posts: 74 Member Member Posts: 74 Member
    Hello all and Happy Columbus Day!
    I’m still on vacation so no access to a scale, but lots of NSVs:
    My size 16 jeans that I was so happy and proud to get into need to officially retire. They are way to big unfortunately I didn’t pack much so I will probably have to wear them on the way back from my trip. I’ve been staying on plan allowing myself a small dessert for on my birthday and had a glass of wine today with lunch. I’ve been walking a lot and today there was a lot of uphill so I don’t expect any bad surprises on the scale. My travel companions are gone now so I have 3 days of making own food choices and then a very long trip home.
    Keep on Keto
  • KristinLeeDKristinLeeD Member Posts: 194 Member Member Posts: 194 Member
    d_dc_lady wrote: »
    @KristinLeeD I'm right there with you! Back in the saddle. I know what I need to do to feel better and have movement on the scale :) I'm glad my keto friends have stuck around while I've been away.

    Good to see you on here - I'm glad to be back at it too! :)
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