Thanksgiving Keto Dinner

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So, what's everybody making for Thanksgiving dinner? Sticking with keto or the heck with it for one day?


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    I actually came here to find out the same thing. Haha! I am probably sticking with keto, eating what I can that is prepared, and bringing some other stuff as backup :)
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    The Crossfit Gym I go to post that up each year as a public service announcement lol. I think 1 day is ok. I'd be more worried about getting sick from eating carbs the body isn't accustom to taking in any more.
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    I stay mostly keto, but I usually do the cooking so it is easier.

    I make:
    Mashed potatoes
    Carrot and turnip casserole with egg
    Roasted veggies (snap peas, onions, yam, pumpkin)
    Brussel sprouts with bacon
    Sausage stuffing, lighter on bread and heavier on meat and celery
    Pumpkin pie
    Cheesecake crustless and sugarless
    Whipped cream

    I don't eat everything. I go heavier on the meats and lighter on the carbs. This year I'm basically carnivore so it will be very light on the carbs. Lol. The cheesecake has stevia and vanilla but otherwise it's plant free too. ;)
  • kpk54
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    I'll eat whatever looks good but not too much.
  • fdhunt1
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    OK. I brought it up so I will add what I know for sure. First, staying keto. So, here is my list so far:

    1) Deviled eggs
    2) Stuffed mushrooms
    3) Turkey breast w/gravy
    4) Cauliflower/Broccoli salad
    5) Creamed spinach.
    6) Keto New York style cheesecake.

    Nap time.
  • 2t9nty
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    I just eat the keto-friendly items. This will be my third keto thanksgiving, so this strategy has worked for me before.
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    My family is going to my son's girlfriend's family dinner on Saturday, so I'm planning to aim for mostly turkey and veggies with a little gravy, potatoes, stuffing and whatever else to be polite. This is our first time meeting them, so I don't want to come in hot with weirdo diet restrictions.

    I'm hosting on Sunday. I'm planning to stick to my regular Thanksgiving menu with a couple tweaks: homemade, sugar free cranberry sauce, my own little dish of stuffing made with keto bread (regular for everyone else) and gravy thickened with Xanthan gum. I made chicken bone broth this weekend, so I'll be cooking with that.

    I know I'll be eating more carbs than I have for the last month, but I'm hoping I can keep it relatively reigned in. I've lost 14 pounds since September 7 so while I want to enjoy myself, I also don't want to seriously undo my progress.
  • teresamwhite
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    I, too, do all of the cooking, so I am tweaking my usual recipes to suit the keto lifestyle. The only exception is mashed potatoes and KFC gravy...I'll likely have a 1/2 portion of that. I will also have a half portion of real pumpkin pie, and a small baked sweet potato. If something else strikes my fancy, I will probably have some, though not a full portion, and not stress about it. The next day, I will be back on track.

    On my menu this year:
    Appetizers -Smoky Spiced Nuts, Devilled Eggs, veggie platter
    Entrees -Buttered Smothered Turkey, Standing Rib Roast with 40 Cloves
    Starches -Oyster Dressing, Baked Sweet Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes & KFC Gravy
    Veggies -Broccoli & Cheese Casserole, Roasted Veggie Medley (Onion, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Brussels Sprouts)
    Salad -Kale & Mango Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
    Breads -Sourdough Baguette, Italian Loaf, Fathead Dinner Rolls
    Desserts -Pumpkin Pie, Triple Berry Cobbler, Snickerdoodles, Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache, and real Whipped Cream

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    I hear that @2t9nty - whatever works for us individually.

    This will be my 6th Thanksgiving, 5th as a maintainer. Your approach is different than mine yet both work for us individually.

    If I were to offer 3 strategies to others who choose to enjoy a bit of all the foods on Thanksgiving Day (as I choose) they would be:
    1) note the phrase "as bit" AKA portion control and
    2) don't keep or bring home any leftovers. Keep Thanksgiving Day...a day.
    3) per the info graph posted by @qweck: back on track.
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    I definitely stick to keto foods as my main foods and I'll have like a bite of everything else (seriously a teaspoon size bite) and then my splurge will be one slice of pie.
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    I gained 2 pounds just reading your post - sounds awesome.
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    I have already determined that I will be eating Thanksgiving dinner as it comes. :) As someone pointed out earlier, it's one day and I will enjoy it as it is. I used to try and count calories and eat right while at Thanksgiving and I always regretted it afterward. So if I want pie, I'm having pie. If I want stuffing, I'm having stuffing. Chances are likely, I'll still eat somewhat mindfully. But you better believe the yams and marshmallows will be on my plate. LOL
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    fdhunt1 wrote: »

    I gained 2 pounds just reading your post - sounds awesome.

    Come on down!

    (I realize I am a bit extra lol...but I am a classically trained chef who doesn't cook professionally anymore, so my friends and family benefit from my "extra-ness" lol)
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    I plan to generally stick to eating keto, but I'll selectively treat myself to very small portions of just a few traditional favorites - it's not Tday without stuffing and cranberry sauce. But I'll forego dessert. Close to goal, so I don't want to blow it!
  • nicsflyingcircus
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    We are doing Thanksgiving at home so the menu will be:

    Veggies and dip platter
    Kielbasa and cheese platter (crackers too)
    Shrimp and homemade cocktail sauce (maybe)
    Deviled eggs

    Bone-in ham (no glaze, ick)
    Carrot and rutabaga mash
    Green bean, mushroom and parmesan casserole
    Mashed potatoes
    Turkey gravy (for the stuffing and potoes)
    Turkey (maybe, if we get one smoked)

    I will definitely eat all the first grouping (no crackers), and of the second group, ham and also turkey if we have it, green bean casserole, the carrot and rutabaga mash, and a portion of the stuffing, which is one of my favorite things on earth, topped with gravy.

    Desert is up in the air. I may just do berries with real whipped cream (I am low carb/keto and one of my kids is gluten intolerant)
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    Holiday dinners really do it to me so this year I’m just sticking to turkey/ham gravy and veggies. Last Christmas I gained 10 pounds in one day from water retention! No thanks
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    Had our lovely Canadian thanksgiving meal yesterday. I hosted for 20. I cooked as I usually would I just served up my own plate a little differently and made one dessert with swerve as the sweetener. On my plate: ham, cheese, salad and full fat dressing, raw veggies, cole slaw with oil and vinegar dressing, roasted squash, meatballs, and for dessert was a huge slice of coconut chocolate swirl cheesecake topped with raspberries and full fat whipping cream. I also had a few bites of the other dessert I made which was also cheesecake. It was a regularly sweetened one, pumpkin spice flavour topped with pumpkin spice Baileys, and I topped it all off with about 3 glasses of red wine. Thanksgiving is one day. Today was back to my regular menu and I regret nothing!!

    ETA: things I made/were brought and I didn’t eat: mashed potatoes, homemade butter buns, the strawberry spinach salad with the sweet dressing, pumpkin pie, stuffing,