Relearning portion sizes

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5 weeks back on track towards my weight goals, and for two meals in a row, I am surprised how generous realistic portions appear to me now. Last night, I planned on two servings of homemade spaghetti with meat sauce, but stopped at one serving when I saw how much food that really was. And again today, for lunch, I am realizing that eating too much volume before wasn't necessarily my biggest was eating too much of the WRONG things.

Here's my lunch today. I'm on 1760 cals/ day, and this is a 453 cal lunch.



  • Natasha201643
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    @rompydompy Nice! I recently gave up meat, not all the way vegan still eat fish, but I found myself eating more carbs. The portion above looks like a huge meal for the calorie intake, looks like I need to learn portion control.