New Years 2019 Atkins Plan: Atkins, Keto Check in Here!



  • spellcheck
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    How do you friend request someone?
  • KarlaYP
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    Click on the name and then click on the picture. When you get there click on the little icon to the right. Then fill out the information required. I like to tell people where I have seen them.
  • KarlaYP
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    Click on the name, then on the picture. You will see a little icon on the right, click on that and then fill out the required info and click on the check mark. Done.
  • dbhDeb
    dbhDeb Posts: 200 Member
    I restarted KETO! Need to lose 31 more. Already peeling those pounds off. Need consistency and accountability friends!!!! I am petite and small boned so I really show those extra pounds!

    highest weight - 189 (May 2007)

    SW -- 168 (12/22/2019)
    CW -- 161
    GW -- 130

    I am not strict keto. I do Splenda and have occasional peanut butter. Don't love butter coffee either but don't mind if anyone else does it! I try to keep to 20 carbs or under.

    Would love to rock a bikini this summer!!! Please feel free to add me!
  • solska
    solska Posts: 348 Member
    Re-started on the 3rd. Easing in to it. Goal is to do if+keto+bpc+ better sleep+ and a little bit of exercise every day+ vitamins+ water. I was down to low 170s from 216 around 190 now. Goal is 139.9.
  • AmazaLash
    AmazaLash Posts: 5 Member
    Re-started keto on the 2nd after going off the rails and gaining everything that I lost a few years ago plus about 30 pounds. Highest weight that I have ever been at 290 before Christmas. Feel free to add me, I do not do ultra strict keto, for example I do use sucralose and eat peanuts if I want to.
  • Japkoo
    Japkoo Posts: 34 Member
    I am restarting Keto as well. I lost about 60lbs about 3 years ago and unfortunately bad habits, depression, etc it all came back. I’m starting pretty much back at my original starting weight. But feel pretty motivated as I also just recently quit smoking (again) and have made it 33 days. Now time to lose this weight and start feeling how great I felt before.
  • lhs7134
    lhs7134 Posts: 7 Member
    I started keto after new year, 7 lbs down so far. I have yo-yo-ed over the last 15 years and really want to get to goal stay there using this way of eating. I ‘ve got between 28-35 lbs to go. Looking forward to getting lots of tips from everyone! Friend request me!