Happy New Year 2019, what are your fitness goals this year?

tomofnz Posts: 23 Member
My perennial goal after being here for a while is to break the 100kg barrier. I'm also waiting to get out and meet people so I started a social fitness group on meetup and hoping to meet people through that. What are you're goals this year and how will you achieve them?
  • Use MFP. Record weight if nothing else so I can track progress
  • Drink a lot more water
  • Get 10k steps in a day.

How about you?



  • wearefab
    wearefab Posts: 69 Member
    HI Tom hope you are going well?
    Seems like Noone uses these groups?
    I use my age group thread for accountability. In forums under motivation and support.
  • tomofnz
    tomofnz Posts: 23 Member
    Hey Wearefab
    Certainly true that the NZ group is quiet. I think other groups get used, as you say the age groups and others. I was hoping for local connections, it's very hard to search for local members on the search.
  • coffeeforka
    coffeeforka Posts: 22 Member
    Hey Tom,

    Sorry a bit slow off the mark on this thread. How are resolutions going?

    I’m from Hamilton, but living in Singapore. Also targeting an average of 10k steps per day in 2019.

    Good luck with it!