Week 6 Weigh In - February 19

cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal:

Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5:
Week 6:

A positive thought for the week:
Healthy snack or meal:
Best workout this week:



  • taylorgardnerr
    taylorgardnerr Posts: 28 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 129.4
    Challenge Goal: 115-120

    Week 1: 127.4
    Week 2: 126.8
    Week 3: 126.2
    Week 4: 125.6
    Week 5: 125.0
    Week 6: 123.8

    A positive thought for the week: Getting back into the swing of things after some yummy Valentine’s Day treats! All about balance :)
    Healthy snack/meal: Snacking on Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars to keep my sweet tooth in check
    Best workout: Even though it’s pretty chilly outside right now I’ve been buddling up for some outdoor walks/runs and hikes!
  • arameni
    arameni Posts: 105 Member
    edited February 2019
    Goal: 128

    Week 1: 132.2
    Week 2: 132.2
    Week 3: 132.2
    Week 4: 131.6
    Week 5: 131.0
    Week 6: 130.8

    A positive thought for the week: Gave my dog a bath and she doesn't stink anymore.
    Healthy snack or meal: Curry with lentils
    Best workout this week: Yoga! Maybe I can get back into it! Also, long dog walk Sunday afternoon/evening. Wanted to tan a little but the buildings are all too tall lol
  • StayStrong19MFP
    StayStrong19MFP Posts: 30 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 180.7
    Challenge Goal: 169.9

    Week 1: 179.3
    Week 2: 179.4
    Week 3: 178.0
    Week 4: 174.6
    Week 5: 174.6
    Week 6: 172.3

    A positive thought for the week:
    Inches are leaving faster than the weight and I'm into a Size 10 for the first time in 30+ years :smiley:

    Healthy snack or meal:
    Not snacking lately; nothing exciting with my meal either

    Best workout this week:
    Did lots of painting over the last 3 days so I'm sore in all kinds of places
  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 198 Member
    Start Weight: 260.0 (Dec. 2013)
    Challenge Start Weight: 238.4
    Challenge Goal: 226
    Week 1: 238.0
    Week 2: 238.0
    Week 3: 237.2
    Week 4: 237.6
    Week 5: 235.6
    Week 6: 235.6
    A positive thought: Some fluctuation around Valentine treats nd back to last week’s weight is pretty good.
    A healthy snack/meal: Tom Kar Kai soup with naan. Tried to make my own today with ginger root but lacking the lemongrass taste.
    My most effective workout this week was: Body cycle.
  • gridirongrrl
    gridirongrrl Posts: 69 Member
    Starting Weight: 230.4
    Goal Weight: 165.0
    Challenge goal weight: 210 - met on 2/12!
    New challenge goal: 200

    1/1: 230.4
    1/8: 224.6
    1/15: 218.4
    1/22: 216.4
    1/29: 215.0

    Total lost for January: 15.4

    2/5: 212.4
    2/12: 209.8
    2/19: 205.8

    Happy with the week overall. I’m finally noticing a change in how my clothes fit. Added strength training this week and I think it has really shown on the scale.
  • Heather9033
    Heather9033 Posts: 18 Member
    Challenge Start Weight:222
    Challenge Goal:189

    Week 1:222
    Week 2:217.6
    Week 3 216.8
    Week 4 216.4
    Week 5 214.2
    Week 6 211.4

    A positive thought for the week: I'm happy with 10lbs gone
    Healthy snack or meal: Cara cara navel orange, just found this so good!
    Best workout this week: just walking everyday.
    I also need to add strength training weekly.
  • SmithsonianEmpress
    SmithsonianEmpress Posts: 1,163 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 138.9 lbs
    Challenge Goal: 133.0 lbs

    Week 1: 139.6 lbs
    Week 2: 137.4 lbs
    Week 3: 138.9 lbs
    Week 4: 139.2 lbs
    Week 5: 139.9 lbs
    Week 6: 142.0 lbs

    So I’m no longer going to weigh myself weekly. It’s pretty pointless. My weight fluctuates because I’m not a strict eater, I don’t adhere to my caloric intake daily, I don’t ignore my sweet tooth as often as I should.

    Generally I’m between 137-142 depending on what I eat. I know when it goes up and why it goes up. I’d ideally like to weigh 125. Will I get there? I don’t know, but aesthetically I look fine, in general, but I want that “strong” look. That’s what I’m after.

    I have added a day of lifting to my routine. I’m going to see where that takes me. I’m learning to accept my curves and know that a flat jiggly tummy is an ok tummy even if it’s not a six pack....because it’s not a gut either. Lol!

    So I’ll still be here but weighing in on the 1st of every month because that gives me time to assess whether or not I’m headed in the right direction as opposed to weigh ins so close together.
  • sasaimi
    sasaimi Posts: 27 Member
    Start Weight: 160 lbs
    Challenge Start Weight: 157.8 lbs
    Challenge Goal: 130 lbs

    Week 1: 155.2lbs
    Week 2: 154.2 lbs
    Week 3: 153.8 lbs
    Week 4: 153.2 lbs
    Week 5: 154.4 lbs
    Week 6: 152.2 lbs

    Healthly food/snack: apples!
    Best workout: still love aerobic exercises. No guilt for the day.
    Comment for the week: i still here! And back in my workout schedule. I maybe weighting myself I truly like measuring instead my problem areas to know if I'm losing fat.
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 475 Member
    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:196.0
    Challenge Goal Weight:186.0

    Week 1: 194.2
    Week 2: 193.0
    Week 3: 192.0
    Week 4: 191.8
    Week 5: 191.2
    Week 6: 192.0

    A little bit of a setback, but I ate all the carbs this weekend, so I know a lot is water.

    We sold our house this week! Welcome, new stress LOL
  • poeciliareticulata
    poeciliareticulata Posts: 110 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 134
    Challenge Goal: 130 and 5k

    Week 1: 134
    Week 2: 133 and 4.0km (30 mins)
    Week 3: 134 and 5.0km (37 mins 40 secs)
    Week 4: 134
    Week 5: 133
    Week 6: 133

    Still ill. Still coughing. Still not exercising. Eating only a tiny bit below maintenance (according to Fitbit). Next week?!
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