Low Carb md podcast

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The Low Carb md is a relatively new podcast that I'm enjoying. I think it is worth checking out.



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    Thanks for this.
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    Thanks a few of my YouTube favs in a podcast. I like listening to podcasts while I'm driving
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    Thank you for posting! I’m enjoying this!

    Also, I do think that Keto is making its way around the medical community as a legitimate way of eating (finally!). Three years ago I mentioned to my surgeon that I was eating this way and his response was, “You need to eat a balanced diet.” When I saw him in January he asked me how I was keeping the weight off and I told him with a ketogenic diet, and his response was positive and surprised that I was able to keep carbs that low. I did remind him that I’ve been doing it for four years and he was sort of speechless. Then he just said to keep doing what I’m doing because it’s working for the weight management!

    It really is more mainstream. More often than not now I am surprised by people telling me that they are doing keto rather than by being told that I am hurting myself. LOL

    Actually, I have found myself being surprised that some people don't know the science and results from keto and get surprised by doctors writing (what now appears to be incorrectly) about cholesterol, fibre, antioxidants and a host of other things. It's kind of nice that the word is getting out. :)
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    I am running into people who have been doing 10 years locally and more and more doctors start with Keto for Type 2 new patients before they hit them with meds if just prediabetic. I do think things are turning at MD level. Most know we are running out of healthcare $$$ in this country or for many important things. There are 2-3 new keto threads popping daily it seems and the new people hear more and more positive things from other members. Got into an hour positive discussion at the dentist office waiting room last week.
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    Just listened to the first podcast. Fantastic. As a nurse, I really appreciate the candid remarks about Big Pharma influencing their practice (throwing drugs at medical conditions)...but now evidence (low carb and lifestyle changes), from their own experience and their patients, is their practice model.

    Thanks for the recommendation 👍
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    Thanks for posting this. It's very helpful.
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    We'll know it's gone mainstream when there are more promoters than detractors on the MFP main!