Week 1 Weigh In - May 6

cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
Challenge Start Weight:
Challenge Goal:

Week 1:

A positive thought for the week:
Healthy snack or meal:
Best workout this week:


  • cxwhit3
    cxwhit3 Posts: 293 Member
    Challenge Start Weight: 178.2
    Challenge Goal: 165

    Week 1: 180.3

    A positive thought for the week: I knew last week was mostly water loss, so I'm doing good - still down 3 pounds from 4/22.
    Healthy snack or meal: Hardboiled eggs, string cheese, and fruit for lunch (my new standard lunch)
    Best workout this week: Cleaning the garage
  • meganpettigrew86
    meganpettigrew86 Posts: 349 Member
    Challenge Start Weight:78.1kg
    Challenge Goal:66kg

    Week 1:78.3kg

    A positive thought for the week: this weight gain is only temporary.
    Healthy snack or meal: apples (currently harvesting and preserving loads).
    Best workout this week: running again :)
    Been getting some post baby blues and binged over the weekend but I recorded everything.
  • gesundundmunter
    gesundundmunter Posts: 198 Member
    Start Weight: 260.0 (Jan.. 2014)
    Challenge Start Weight: 242.0
    Challenge Goal: 235.0
    Week 1: 243.6

    A positive thought: A new opportunity each day.
    A healthy snack/meal: Cottage cheese with strawberries and sliced almonds.
    My most effective workout this week was: Body cycle.

    Comment: Final week to finish costume construction and written thesis, then I will be traveling to present it, a lot of driving. Keeping my sanity is #! Priority.
  • leonadixon
    leonadixon Posts: 475 Member
    Start Weight:200.8 (January 2018)
    Challenge Start Weight:192.2
    Challenge Goal Weight:180

    Week 1: 192.4

    A positive thought: New meds=feeling so much better this week!
    Healthy snack: apples and lumpy bumpy oranges :smiley:
    Most effective workout: walking a little bit more
  • poeciliareticulata
    poeciliareticulata Posts: 110 Member
    Original start weight: 158
    Challenge Start Weight: 134
    Challenge Goal: 130 and sub-35 min 5k

    Week 1: 133 and 36:28

    Positive thought: feeling quite strong this week and enjoyed my runs.
    Healthy snack: apple and cheesestrings
    Effective workout: 2 runs this week. 5k on a treadmill in 36:28 (97% chance of hail? No thanks) and then 4km in the streets. Even though my street run wasn’t the full 5k, it WAS at a pace that would get me the sub-35 I am aiming for. Just got to put the two together and not get stitch at a critical moment...!