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Hi, girls. I've only just stumbled across this group after months of bouncing around the Success Stories threads. I've found those incredibly motivational but I felt something of an imposter as someone with less to lose. So maybe this is a more appropriate platform to post my before and after pics from last month. I've lost a little more (13.6kg / 30lb in total) and am now maintaining/recomping.

Height 5'9"
SW 76.8kg (169lb)
CW 63.2kg (139lb)



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    Good work!
  • ladyzherra
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    Both pictures look amazing, I have to say! I can see a big difference between them, though. Good work!
  • cmjlavallee
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    You look amazing! Well done!
  • cayenne_007
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    Great job!!!
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    I just found your post, you look awesome! Can really see the hard work :smile:
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    Awesome work. 30lb is a great success plus you obviously built muscle too!
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    Thanks so much, everyone!
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    Wow. Congrats on your amazing transformation!! It is incredible the différence of losing 30 lbs. Seven years ago I lost 20 lbs but the only person who noticed was my beautician. I regained some of those lbs but managed to stay comparatively slim. However, I feel that losing another ten lbs would make a big difference. I am struggling this month. I have read so many weight loss books and think I have the right mindset and then I am tempted by the smell of my husband’s toast and indulge, so I am at a standstill. (I lost those 20lbs by low carbing). Seeing your photo this morning has inspired me to just do it and finally get rid of those last ten pounds, so thank you for your inspiring post. 🌝