So who has actually lost weight using mfp



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    4.7kg in 4 weeks so far :)

    great work
    i have lose 12kgs, thats over 3 yrs

  • kvossandrews
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    I have been off and on for 3 years. I cant say I have lost a lot but i am now one fit chick that enjoys jogging and bootcamp. C25K has helped me along the way. Happy for more like minded friends...
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    Thanks everyone for replying
    You have all done so well
    I can now say YES it works
    I've lost 7 kgs in about 8 weeks
    Plenty more to go but that's ok
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    I competing in an INBA fitness comp in May and have been using MFP to track my macros. I'm not going on weight but have lost 20ml/3% body fat in just under 3 weeks using MFP to keep track of my food and macros.
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    I lost 25kgs last year.. I was 1kg off my bmi and the I pushed too hard and busted my leg with an Achilles injury. I'm now back on MFP and wish to lose 15kgs in 12 weeks. With MFP and exercise every second day I think I can pull it off..
    I'm on everyday. All welcome to add me..
    Good luck to you all. :D

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    Haven't seen this old tried til it was revived now.
    I've been on MFP for 10 months - shed 38kg in that time.

    Logging everything was the secret and learning my macros. I was like an obsessed woman at first having great losses, and less so in last 2 months and only 5kg in that time. So for me, logging everything was the trick to big losses every week. I'm now ramping it up to do the same again for the next stage.
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    I've been using MFP for just over a year. Between June and January I lost 35kg and over 40kg of fat using MFP and exercise tracking (Map My Fitness and later Garmin Connect).

    It does help to keep you honest.

    I'm now using it to plan out my meals for the day in advance, then tweaking the amount I'm eating, or what I'm eating, according to how much exercise I actually am getting that day. I'm now gaining strength and muscle, and am having to work the other way and ensure I'm actually hitting my calorie goals for the day, rather than making sure I don't exceed them.
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    3 months, 9.5kg. And I have plenty of cheat days
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    I'm 13kg down (so far!) since November last year. I think my ability to judge a proper portion size, as well as the realization of the sheer amount of food I was eating would never have happened if it wasn't for MFP.

    I think I should update this post - I'm now down 55kgs (with a login streak of 570 days), and although I'm still 20kg off goal, I'm eating at maintenance whilst I'm training for my first half marathon in September. Sometimes my bottomless pit of a stomach still gets me, but I'd say MFP is all in all a success :)
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    20 kgs over 2 years with the assistance of this app
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    Nice on @seat151
  • _Pastafarian_
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    I've been on here for about 8-9 years (different account, lost my password a while ago so started again).

    I lost 40kg of the 60kg I needed to lose over two years, came to a screeching halt with increasing hunger, diagnosed with high blood pressure and Hashimoto's and could NOT lose any more. Regained 18kg in fact.

    That was the last straw for me. I'd promised myself one last go at losing weight "naturally", after having done it before twice, losing 50kg each time. I was fat, sick, old and heading back past my all time highest weight of 141kg. That was towards the end of 2015.

    I decided to have a gastric sleeve in December 2015. It was a raging success, I lost a further 38kg (regained a little now), have had one lot of plastic surgery (lower body lift and arms) last year and heading back to do my thighs in July this year.

    Without weight loss surgery I have no doubt I'd be 160kg+ by now, with obstructive sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, a bad back and diabetes.

    It was truly lifesaving. Now, I weight lift 3 time a week (one of my goals was to do a bodyweight deadlift, which I achieved a few months ago), do cycle classes once or twice a week, swim, do bootcamps or other classes I enjoy like yoga or bodyattack. As long as I do something active for an hour a day, I'm happy. Life is good :-)
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    I should clarify that I used MFP to lose that initial 40kg. It was easy, I loved it and had good success. But it became a bit of a chore after the first year or two, I got bored with it. No doubt I wasn't tracking as honestly as I had at the start (which is really common, everyone does it. It's one of the well recognised drawbacks of calorie/food tracking - our brains lie to us and minimise out intake and maximise our intake). Also, as I lost weight and metabolic adaptation happened, I of course had to decrease my calorie intake, which was VERY hard after two years of dieting. I started off on about 1800 calories but that decreased to about 1200-1300 calories towards the end, which I ultimately couldn't sustain.

    It is possible to lose weight with this app, the challenging part - as always, as with ANY diet - is keeping it off that is the hard bit.

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    I use MFP as a tool, but there are aspects of it that I have to ignore because it doesn't fit in with my way of eating etc. Primarily I use it as a weight tracker, and I make use of some of the community spaces to help keep me accountable and on track.

    Obviously, MFP is not what will make you lose weight but rather choices of what you eat etc.

    I've lost 24kgs since the end of January.
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    Oh, just realised this is an old thread!
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    Doesn’t matter. @Luciicul We are here now.
    Aussies seem to be rather slack on this site. I seem to have more USA friends.
    I lost 9kgs and put back 4. Trying very hard to get 20kgs off. I think MFP is the best weight loss app.
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    5kg is 21 days :D
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    Lost 20kg the left the app and put 10 on