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  • abowersgirl
    abowersgirl Posts: 3,144 Member
    3x yes

    3 no
    4 yes

    1. May 22 yes 9 no/31
    2. June 22 yes 8 no/30
  • w8goal4life
    w8goal4life Posts: 1,375 Member
    @windowqueen2003 Feel better soon...no fun feeling less than 100%.
  • Liza_271
    Liza_271 Posts: 28 Member
    July 7
    Yes x 3!
  • lamlamsmakeover
    lamlamsmakeover Posts: 6,574 Member
    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? YES (outdoor walk)
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? YES
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? YES
  • KCJen
    KCJen Posts: 1,089 Member
    Date: Sunday, July 7th

    Exercise Tracked In MFP: Treadmill off day, but 20 minutes of activity today
    Calories and Water Tracked In MFP: Yes
    Within Daily Calorie Range of 1300 to 1440: No, 1635

    Daily Water Goal of 7 Water-Bottles: 2
    Pass Day Count: 3

    Weekly 2-pound lost goal progression: Sunday is offical weigh-in day

    Keep moving forward and keep making progress….I gotta keep on keeping on : )
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Yes x3
  • MadisonMolly2017
    MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 10,569 Member
    @scrapbookingtm Oh...how wonderful to have a fresh supply of cherries and the cherry raspberry dessert sounds divine!
    @MadDuck62 Yessiree...reporting in to this UAC forum is the impetus for keeping us all on track. Glad you are with us on this journey!
    @MadisonMolly2017 the description of your vacation venue with sunsets, seals, seagulls, beautiful trees and waves make me wish I was on vacation with you! Hope your are feeling well...and pleased to hear you are indulging in your art activities.
    @TerriRichardson112 I noticed that new picture in your profile, too. So very pleased to have you as a comrade in this forum.
    @RangerRickL Happy for you that you are finally enjoying some fair weather in your Chicago area! So nice that summer is here to enjoy for all of us in the northern hemisphere.
    @fatbambi2017 4 hours is a LOT of gardening...good for you as you accomplished a great deal. Last time I was out pulling weeds it was terribly hot and muggy, but our weather yesterday was just fabulous for the wedding we attended.
    @corriepelc Sorry you weren't feeling up to par. Feel better soon!

    Thank you @w8goal4life !! You are incredibly sweet & inspire me daily! And yes, we share a deep love of nature!! ♥️
  • drea2011
    drea2011 Posts: 874 Member
    Yes x3