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Hi, I’ve been out of touch with this group so long, some may not know me. I was on T2 meds for a few years (Metformin-very briefly, Jardiance, Trulicity. Then was successfully diet controlled and off T2 meds for some time.
My FBG is always high, back then around 120. In March I started a new job working 12-1/2 hour days. On my tests a couple of months ago my FBG and A1C were way up: 170 and 7.1. I’m back on Jardience.
Since I’m eating dinner so much later on work nights (well most nights now) - and not eating breakfast until 10 am or later, even on Jardience my FBG number (on rising (around 7 am), 3 or more hours before consuming anything other than black coffee) ranges from the 120s to the 160s. When I test again before eating breakfast, my numbers are in the mid teens. Still higher than standard, but closer to my former normal.
What do the experienced group members think? Since I’m keeping track for the doc this time should I just report the number before I eat, since black coffee has little to no impact on FBG?
I know it may sound like a stupid question, but I really think of the hours change as lifestyle and even though I have my coffe early, I don’t actually break my fast for several hours.


  • Yadagoy
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    Hi. If it were me, I'd report the FBG upon rising, even though it's higher.
  • chelny
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    I guess I'd give both sets of numbers, if your doctor is the type who engages in conversation and would listen to you. The higher number earlier might be related to dawn phenomenon? Even though you're only having coffee, maybe that is enough to reduce the hormones & BG by the time you take your next reading. Just spit-balling there.