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    Looking for suggestions for high protein low calorie low carb snack foods...anyone? Just as a side note, I'm allergic to all tree nuts, oats, soybeans and fresh fruit with skins (i.e apples, peaches, etc ) and I also have a stomach intolerance to eggs and bananas. I know...crazy!

    Have you tried greek yogurt? delicious with honey or even a spoon of jam or some fruits also some people have it on top of cereal

    Also cottage cheese, chicken and fish are all high protein with low cals

    I usually have a cooked chicken in the fridge just for snacking

    Hope these are of help :)

    Great suggestions. Fat free cottage cheese is a staple for me. It's one of the cheapest sources of protein and I don't worry about bacteria the way I do with chicken or fish (I'm sensitive to bacteria) so I can take it with me places.

    Protein shakes are another option. Quite often I will have just a half scoop. I usually have the whey protein type but if I'm having it two days in a row I change it up to one of the veggie ones: pumpkin seed, hemp, or pea protein.

    Does your allergy to fresh fruit with skin include berries? I add berries (often from frozen, but fresh when I can) to both my cottage cheese (often with a few drops of stevia) and to my protein shakes. Helps me hit my fruit/veggies goals and ups the taste significantly. I'm not so sure I could have either of them plain.
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    Logged and tracked all my food and stayed way under my calorie goal my exercise was my spin bike and playing catch with the dogs in the yard.
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    I go on lots of walks when it's not so hot any more, between end of September and early June. It's a beautiful area. This little river is actually in the city itself.
    Thank you for sharing...always nice to see where other UAC members get their exercise.
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    @Slimpossible007 @Ketch_22 @goldthistime thank you for the suggestions. The cottage cheese is definitely something to get used to. I've tried several different kinds and it's a tough sale...lol!
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    I usually mix the cottage cheese with other foods .. you could flake fish or pineapple through it or spread it on toast. Its very nommy on baked potato, it replaces the cheese for me, and I have it with coleslaw and egg mayo.

    I only ever found one brand that I actually liked eating on its own and then they stopped making that brand ..
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    Lovely pic! Most times I've been to Zurich it pelted down with rain, so all my photographs are grey, but it's still a handsome city - wouldn't say 'nice' or 'beautiful'. Lots of good restaurants too and lots of organic food ... Have a nice time!
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    Beautiful pictures!!
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    That's how my scales look to me lol!

    Totally. When I step on them, they just string a random bunch of numbers together!
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    @w8goal4life BEAUTIFUL pictures! One of my favorite parts of Europe.
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    @Breepa123 hope you were able to stick to your plan!
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    And, @Breepa123 , what happened?