Newbite - looking for friends

Hey everyone :)
I'm looking to lose about 20lbs and I've just joined MFP today. I'll looking for some new friends to add on here for support and motivation! I'm 21 and live in Scotland


  • FrankieandSpots
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    Hi @veggieerin98 !
    I'll add you...
    I'm 26 and living in Australia.
    I'm trying to lose a similar amount: ~22lb (10kg)

    Good luck with your weight loss :smile:
  • fhamdani99
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    hi! im effy, same age range, in the US, and need to lose 20 lbs too!
  • cayenne_007
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    I added you!! I'm Malaika & working to tone up and ditch these last 10 lbs!
  • mnrray
    mnrray Posts: 1 Member
    I'm adding all of you as I want to lose 20 to 30 lbs if possible
  • YoureAWalnut
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    I need new friends too! I feel like my weight fluctuates a lot day to day and I get very discouraged the days when it swings up by 2-5 lbs with no explanation. Need the friends to remind me to stick with it and not give up!
  • weatherking2019
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    Welcome to MFP! It's an awesome tool- Good luck!!
  • I need motivation, can I get some friends to add me for motivation help! I have about 20lbs to lose as well. I currently weigh 147 looking to get back down upper 120's or low, low 130's.
  • themclavicles
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    Getting back into it! Aiming more for recomp but I think friends would be great. Currently about 142, aiming for 138
  • Mira5201
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    Hey, I added you. :)
    My name is Mira and I want to lose around 8kg (around 16lbs) I am at the upper end of a healthy weight, but want to get fitter and a little bit leaner.
  • Kirstysargeant321
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    I'm 20, 5'4 & 179 lbs at the last weigh in this morning and that's a 5lb drop in 2 weeks :D

    Happy with this rate of loss as it feels sustainable. The aim is to lose 40lbs but I'm monitoring how I look and feel more than weight as I've started lifting at the gym.

    Good luck all, excited to be on this journey with you!🥰
  • brouwer28
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    Hi everyone! I just rejoined MFP after a few years of absence. Looking to lose those pesky last 10 lbs and sustainably maintain a healthy weight. Glad I found this group and would love some friends!
  • Cocoabean01
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    Hello everyone, I am looking for an accountability partner on MFP. I am 30 yo, living in Canada, 5 ft 2 trying to lose 10 lbs. Thanks.
  • Cerizez
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    Hi. I’m aiming to lose the last 5lbs.

    Please feel free to add me - also looking for more friends.
  • xxzenabxx
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    Hey I’m 5’ 4” 26 year old and 157lbs.
    I’ve got 25 lbs left. I’ve got quite abit of muscle so I’m not 100% sure of goal weight. I’m thinking 132lbs/60kg. Recently went through a cut and I was undereating! Upped my calories a bit to 1950 and I feel so much better. Slow and steady wins the race. Feel free to add me.
  • PunkinsAunt
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    I've been doing MFP on and off for years but haven't connected with anyone, instead doing it on my own. I'm in Vegas. Feel free to add me.
  • BrittanyGQ
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    I’ve been on MFP off/on for 8 years. 🤦🏻‍♀️ almost 32 years old now and in the US. I’ve been within the same 15 pound range since my teens, so 150-165, now near that upper limit and want to get to 140-145! My dumb@$$ gained the 10 pounds I worked hard to lose in a year in the last 4 months 😭. Everyone feel free to add me 🙂
  • InstepFitness
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    I'm wanting more friends too, especially from Scottland! It must be beautiful to live there. I am a plant-based diet, my favorite food is tacos. I am losing my last 20, very difficult after all these holiday sweets. I gained 7 back then lost it quickly had to double up workouts.
  • lynnbaum
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    edited January 2020
    Hi all and thank you for allowing me to join you. I have 20# of fat I want to get rid of. I am from WI in the US. I am fighting the last 10+ I am not a peal prepper and am married to a meat and potato person. I do cook most meals. BTW I am now 60 and am a paddleboarder. I am 5 foot 135 pounds. I am a foodie and we are traveling to Italy this summer. I can't wait to hike in the alps.

  • sassysugar7
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    Hi! I'm new here too and also live in Wisconsin! I'm trying to lose 10 pounds or so and hoping it will help my health. I could use some motivation, would you add me?
  • cookie7552
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    So... this is my first "Group/Discussion" deal and I would like to add some of you as friends cause apparently I don't know people around me to add, haha. How do I add you as a friend? Been on this MFP for about 3 years (the last 1 1/2) I have been struggling with back issues, it's caused me to stop working out. But I want to get better at putting in my meals and tracking everything I intake so when I am able to get back to the fitness I am still eating the proper foods and amounts..