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Path of self destruction

vasu2510vasu2510 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
I m in a crisis right now .... Last I was down 18 kgs by running n eating healthy ... Was happy n content ... But from last 4 months I m eating non stop have gained 8 kgs n still can't stop . I have lost my way n my confidence ... How can I stop


  • healingnurtrerhealingnurtrer Posts: 211Member Member Posts: 211Member Member
    I have gained a lot of weight recently too. I realized I was steadily gaining but wasn't ready to do something about it until just recently. I'm not sure how it changed but it started with this: I had a really relaxing weekend and caught up on my sleep. Then I sat down and did a lot of pondering and journaling. From there I decided it was time to start logging my food and try to lose weight. I've been working on my mental health for months but getting to a really good place emotionally that weekend really helped me get motivated and start. It helped that when I wasn't ready I had grace for myself. Anyway, that was my experience, I'm not sure what you need but from my experience I would start with asking how you are managing stress or anxiety, etc. if you struggle with any of those things.
  • JustForJessieJustForJessie Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    I lost 56lbs last year through hard work and will power. This year I went through a lot in my personal life and I ate to get me through it and I have gained around 40lbs back. I wish I could give you an answer of how to stop, but I'd to know it to! I guess I think just lean on other people for support and use them to keep you accountable.
  • DonnaL1959DonnaL1959 Posts: 24Member Member Posts: 24Member Member
    I just had a milestone birthday and am 50 pounds overweight. It's time to do something before ill health robs me of my ability to enjoy life. My start date is tomorrow - Sept. 3, 2019. Who is with me?
  • xDayniexDaynie Posts: 25Member Member Posts: 25Member Member
    Ive been going through a tough time, relationship issues now I have lost my grandma... And through the last few months because of it I have gained 10kgs... Im trying to push myself to stop, but its still getting the better of me :/
  • pyro_guy7pyro_guy7 Posts: 101Member Member Posts: 101Member Member
    I hope that all of you are doing better now, months later. I've been on a stress eating binge for like 2 years's the day I'm deciding to try to stop.
  • ladyzherraladyzherra Posts: 236Member, Premium Member Posts: 236Member, Premium Member
    Hang in there! Well, first of all I would say give yourself some space to explore your eating and weight gain. In my experience, I overeat and gain weight or stop a program for a reason and if I allow myself to explore into the problem I sometimes gain insight that is invaluable for me in my journey. In the past, I might have just slammed on the brakes and said "I need to stop this right now," and I would look at myself with disgust and even hatred. Nowadays, I have much more compassion for myself. I look and say, "well, I'm not on track, I feel bad, I am not meeting my goals right now." Then I open up some space and I think "I wonder why this is happening? Am I honoring myself and what I need? What DO I need?" And I let my body know that I am listening. And however long it takes, I work through it.

    It's not easy. But if you want to really stop self-sabotaging and getting mean to yourself, you need to offer up some compassion.

    Compassion is really difficult and it takes a lot of practice and trial and error. But your body hears you, and with time, it adapts to kindness instead of hate. You begin to make goals. You begin to see things differently.

    I wish this for you as I wish it for myself. I have a long way to go, too.
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