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    Hello! I'm totally new to this challenge and this group. HELP! My weigh in day is Monday, so even though it's still December, should I go ahead and post? Also, how do I bookmark this page?

    On a side note, I just got back from vacation - only 6 days - but I am up 3 pounds!

    Welcome to the group! I think you start with the first week in January. If you just got home don't sweat the weight, most is probably water retention or extra food in your digestive system. I'd weigh in a few days! I was up 9lbs after a weekend of buffets and a wedding, it was all off a week later. Hang in there!
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    @raleighgirl09 So glad you're working WITH yourself! I think having a snack is a great idea. I love colored popcorn and got a big container for Christmas, I think having air popped popcorn is keeping me away from the chocolate. I can't believe you kept a pack of cigarettes around the house for so long after quitting! The only reason I finally quit was because I was told my back fusions were less likely to fuse as a smoker. Glad your walk was awesome!

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    Sunday check-in
    Calories- under
    Exercise- gardening, dance, core/stretching
    Water- average

    5 for 90
    1. Gym 3xs a week
    2. Exercise 30 minutes a day- done. Not sure gardening counts, I mainly spent two hours mixing dirt, filling trays, and transferring sprouted seeds from napkins. I'm really excited to see if the loose lettuce leaves and microgreens grow! I spend $10 a week on baby greens for salads so I hope this will help!
    3. Decluttering- finally cleared off the grow table! Won't have much stuff to just toss, now the harder work starts.
    4. Trigger foods- day 3 of not touching the chocolate, I may have to see a doctor as something is wrong! Seriously, I wanted my popcorn more.
    5. Goals- get these seeds to grow! Fight off the winter blues.

    I haven't been as into using my bike
    I don't know why, I love reading and listening to music while riding it. I chose planting seeds, dance, and core over it. I think I need to be ok with not busting my rear and knowing it's ok to exercise without becoming a sweaty mess if that makes sense. Of course that's easy to say when not weighing! I was going to take a day off all workouts then decided to check on seeds and planted 7 flats. I had a productive night after a lazy day- made dinner, cleaned grow table and replaced light, made a batch of black bean sweet potato orange chili, cold brew is brewing, new cast iron pan is baking in oven, dishes are done, and butternut squash and broccoli is roasted.
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    As you may know, most of the Fitness Warriors team has decided to leave F2F to begin a new group. A few are sticking with F2F, and we have very large numbers of new people joining - you have all seen the new people here, and more are coming every day. This is good! But it means we need all six teams!

    So yesterday, we created a new team - tentatively named The Downsizers. The continuing members of the FW team will now be on the Downsizers, and lots of new people are now being placed on that team with them.

    Call for help!
    The Downsizers will need a few more experienced (and enthusiastic!) members, to balance all the new folks. To help the new team move along smoothly, we are asking for volunteers of veteran members to join them (temporarily or permanently). We are also looking for a Captain and Motivator for the team.

    If you are looking for a change, or have considered leadership, please let us know. We ask that you DM either @jugar or @beka3695.
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    I - seriously had some good thoughts today surrounding my irritating and irksome night eating. So, years ago, I used to plan a 9ish or so PM snack, usually a slice of no sugar added cake and a decaf coffee. It was so delightful and I looked forward to it and it worked a dream for a very long time. I used to be very flexible with myself and do what worked in the moment and figure out what needed to be re-worked when that quit working. Fast forward many years and lessons later to my issue of off-plan eating at night these days. While walking and listening to my podcast, a tiny wisp of a voice tapped on my mental shoulder and asked....why not plan it and then it won't be off-plan? Huh?? Wha-whuuut??? OMG, historical Maria, you were like some freaking genius (yes, self-congratulatory shout out)! Whywhywhy have I been cramming the square peg into the round hole and complaining like a BOSS about the peg and all its craziness? Good grief, Charlie Brown - seriously. Ok, I planned and prelogged a bowl of bran cereal with almond milk as a snack tonight. Yes - I am older now than the cake and coffee Maria, back in the day!! => I also happen to adore wheat bran cereal.

    Second....yay me. I have never, pretty darn certain, had a December during which I actually....lost weight. OMG - why have I not celebrated this milestone in my life? Guess I was too busy cramming the peg with what I perceived as an unnatural shape to comply with a hole that was clearly not of the same dimensions. Too busy counting leaves on the tree and missed how many are in the forest.

    I'm telling you that both of the above events, and types of events, have the capacity to derail me, and those kinds of things have so many, many times. Getting short-sighted and not celebrating what I have done well and then only when I have gained back weight was I able to recognize what I had accomplished. I really needed that guardian angel today.

    Thank you to all who are the Slimpossibles - it has been an amazing several months since I joined and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that being a part of this group has been one of the most valuable tools in my tool belt in my journey. =>

    I posted to you last night before seeing this post of yours! Wow, what a great insight into how we try to put ourselves in places where we don't fit! I too am a square peg and I've been trying to shove myself into a round hole and feeling so mad that I don't fit. What!! Girl, we just need to get ourselves some square holes. :D;) And heck yeah for losing weight in December!! That is worth a major celebration. B) I am so very happy that you are a part of our group and thankful for your willingness to open yourself up so that we can all follow suit. <3
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    Hope everyone is having a fantastic day!!

    Check In
    Username: mrmcgrath
    Weigh in week: Week 1
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Weight: 197.6
    Todays Weight 199.2

    Calories: maintenance
    Water: over/under? Right at
    Macros: no where near
    Exercise: No exercise. Went deer hunting or husband did and I read in stand

    Yesterday’s Fitbit/mfp stats:
    2715 steps. 5500 goal steps
    1.18 miles
    1978 burned calories
    0 active
    84 sleep score
    66 resting sleep
    2134 calories consumed

    Macros…Carb 26% goal 40%, Fat 49% goal 30%, Protein 24% goal 30%

    Basic Goals
    30 active minutes:
    Complete food diary: ✔️
    Stay hydrated(more than 64 oz): ✔️
    Stay below mfp sugar goal:✔️
    Meet fiber in range:
    Daily self care: meditating, crafting, reading, etc. ✔️
    Sleep: minimum 7 hours ✔️
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    Username: Jactop
    Weigh in day- Monday
    Week 4
    Previous Weight 211
    current weight 212
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    Sunday Check-in
    Calories: on target and all good, on-plan choices
    Water: over
    Exercise: Classical Stretch/Essentrics session (24 min), platform stepping (72 min; double yippee!), plus some martial arts
    Steps (target 7500): over!

    Daily Goals
    1. Meditate ✔️
    2. Exercise 30 minutes a day ✔️
    3. Hydrate ✔️
    4. Martial Arts Practice ✔️
    5. Thankful ✔️ that I made progress on the New Year's Lunch project, with help from friends

    Goals and Improvements for Monday:
    - Stick with my food plan, measure and log everything, stay at/under calories
    - Martial arts practice at home
    - Platform stepping
    - Outdoor date walk and/or gym trip with husband tonight, if he is up for one or both!

    My 2020 Health Vision
    (Go check out this week's 2020 Vision Challenge! Thank you, @Beka3695 !)
    - Take significant ground in martial arts. I need to talk to some people to see what's possible, but I'd like to belt up to brown in 2020 (and that will take a lot of daily work). I am scared to ask, but I am going to bring up the subject when I talk to one of the senior instructors this week, if it works.
    - Build more muscle, which will take more regular trips to the gym than I have made in December. Gym trips have been spotty for the last few weeks, and it's time to shift back into gear.

    And, hmm, I see now that the challenge has room for thinking about more than just health. I will give this a little more thought and then maybe chime in again.
    What changes are you looking to make?
    What life events do you have in your future?
    How are you looking to better yourself?

    Thank You, Team
    This is such a great team. Thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs and creating Team Slimpossibles as such a great community. You guys constantly inspire me! Thank you for the support and the accountability. Truly, having company on this journey makes all the difference!
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    Monday Check-in:
    Calories: under
    Water: over
    Exercise: Day one of LIIFT 4, upper body weights and cardio. My arms are like jello!!

    Am I the only one that has no idea what day it is anymore? :o Having this week off from work is wonderful but it throws my whole schedule off. Plus, being sick didn't help. I am all better today and thankful for a clear head and nose!

    I love the vision for 2020 challenge and will respond tomorrow with what my goals are for the coming year. :)
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    Monday Check-in:
    Calories: under
    Water: over
    Exercise: Day one of LIIFT 4, upper body weights and cardio. My arms are like jello!!

    Am I the only one that has no idea what day it is anymore? :o Having this week off from work is wonderful but it throws my whole schedule off. Plus, being sick didn't help. I am all better today and thankful for a clear head and nose!

    I love the vision for 2020 challenge and will respond tomorrow with what my goals are for the coming year. :)

    You are not the only one. I only had a few days off last week and my days have been messed up since!
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    Hello Slimpossibles!

    I'm just dropping by to tell you about two full F2F group challenges we are going to do in January that will start the year on track. The Captains and Moderators have been plotting, and we hope these will get everyone going. More details will be coming along later this week, but here's a preview:

    We're going to Make January GREEN. Now, I live in Quebec and I love winter and snow better than anything. But everyone wants more GREEN in our spreadsheets. Every time your weight is entered, the number turns GREEN if you lose (even 0.1 pound), and RED if you gain. Let's aim to have no red in January. We're hoping that EVERYONE will lose 1 pound per week. If you have less than 10 pounds to go, then .5 pounds per week. If you are on maintenance, then stay there. There will be no RED! None! We will have a lot of laughs with this, but still try really hard to keep each other in the green, ok?

    The second thing will be a habit tracker. There will be a really simple spreadsheet that anyone can sign up to use. I'll put the names in and then share it. You'll enter up to 5 habits you want to stick to every single day. You will then go in and check off if you did it each day. We'll see how many green check marks we can rack up in a week. Teams will be competing! But the most important is for you to see your own beautiful string of green check marks. More green. I think we're obsessed...

    Enjoy getting revved up this week, because the real accountability will begin soon!
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    Monday check in

    Headed to bed - Day 2 of a planned snack that I didn't have after dinner. I don't know if I should be irritated or happy. Hrumph. As soon as I push post reply on this, I'm going to go pre-log tomorrow's snack and we'll see if I end up eating it. I'm totally doing a @Katmary71 move with this keeping my friends close and my urge foods and eating closer.

    Prelog 3 meals? yes, all 3 and some V8 before dinner and cereal snack after - logged last night. **Did not have the V8 and jury is out on the late snack. ***Nope on the snack
    Times? B 11a, L 230p, D 630p
    Non-planned eating?
    Thoughts during overeats?
    Thoughts? Very comforting to have all of the food laid out, and all of the dinner food is already cooked and in fridge. Becoming hyper focused on the scale number as I watch it like a hawk to go under 190 (it's not even close, was at 192 something this morning). Soups and stuff are higher in sodium and I know I am retaining some water - however, have not been really drinking enough water and have not had fiber (important for old ladies). Going to concentrate on more water today and a fiber drink. Also thinking that the planned dinner may be more food than I need so will serve up half first and see how that goes. **The dinner was less than originally planned and I'm not sure I want the late snack but also feel kinda compelled to eat it because it's there....planned and logged and all primed for me. ***Did not eat the late night snack but had some chocolate almond milk (my inner child is so happy with the choco milk part!!!)
    Hunger? not a big hunger day, seems reasonable - hungry for all meals but not crazy. Satisfied when I stopped - I think I'm eating to a little more than a 2 on the hunger scale, I think i feel most satisfied at a little more, like a 3 - to prevent hunger and because it gives me a physical sense of relief
    1% effort today - worked on weight loss training modules, was mindful to notice my reactions to the food. No distracted eating. Got plenty of water.
    Things that went right? I have precooked 3 dinner type foods for the next few days and some can be frozen
    Exercise? 3 mile walk in the hood [steps logged the next day] (steps 9,458 29Dec2019)
    Sleep? 1215a-8a [log the morning after]
    Nighttime eats? traded in the wheat bran cereal for some chocolate almond milk but intake was planned
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    Week (not sure if it's week 4 or 5
    PW: 218.6
    CW: 215.
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    Hi everyone! My WiFi keeps crashing and I cut my pointy fingernail chopping a butternut squash with my new knife so it's hard to type on my phone!

    Calories under
    Exercise- dance, stretch, core, weights
    Water- good

    5 for 90- almost up!
    1. Gym 3xs a week- lifted at home, great for arms but legs need stronger weights, get with it!
    2. Exercise 30 minutes- I'm not feeling the bike after a year! It's only been a couple days and it's a better workout in a shorter amount of time than dancing, don't know what the mental block is about.
    3. Decluttering- none since grow table
    4. Trigger foods- on a more positive note I went to Trader Joe's and still managed to get peppermint cocoa almond creamer and Candy Cane Lane tea. Standing in line both there and the regular grocery store had me drooling for junk I don't really even like. I kept reminding myself of @AustinRuadhain and I discussing product placement and it made me angry. I picked air popped popcorn over chocolate again!
    5. Goals- Decide on year goals. Keep trying new foods and recipes. My "new" foods for the week are green fresh garbanzo beans, Hearts of Palm, and collard greens to eat with black-eyed peas, like 2/3, haven't tried collard greens yet!
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    Weekly Weigh in
    Day - Tuesday
    Name - bethanie0825
    Previous - 236.6
    Current - 234.8

    As seems to be the case every year between Christmas and New Years, I'm fighting off a head cold. I have asthma and that flares up horribly when I get sick. Dr gave me Prednisone so I can hopefully breathe normally come today or tomorrow 🙂
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    Pretty aggravated with myself for allowing sugar to get the better of me.

    Check In
    Username: mrmcgrath
    Weigh in week: Week 1
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Weight: 197.6
    Todays Weight 200.2

    Calories: under
    Water: over/under? Over
    Macros: no where near
    Exercise: Skipped

    Yesterday’s Fitbit/mfp stats:
    4216 steps. 5500 goal steps
    1.80 miles
    2186 burned calories
    0 active
    80 sleep score
    64 resting sleep
    1815 calories consumed

    Macros…Carb 63% goal 40%, Fat 23% goal 30%, Protein 15% goal 30%

    Basic Goals
    30 active minutes:
    Complete food diary: ✔️
    Stay hydrated(more than 64 oz): ✔️
    Stay below mfp sugar goal:
    Meet fiber in range: ✔️
    Daily self care: meditating, crafting, reading, etc. ✔️
    Sleep: minimum 7 hours
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    Week 5 weigh in:
    Starting weight: 158
    Current weight: 151.4
    Weigh in days: Tuesday

    Since today is the last day of the month, will I still be in this group in January?
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    Well gang Happy New Year! So far I am track for calories this week but barely.

    My goal tonight is to have no more than 4 drinks. Maybe that seems like a lot but I can drink a TON. (That is not necessarily a good thing lol...I just seem to have a tremendous capacity to drink without it affecting me too much).

    Anyway. Tomorrow will take it easy and then Thursday trainer is back- yay! I'll be happy to see him.

    @bethanie0825 I hope you feel better.

    @wwood008 I don't know about the group but wow what a loss.

    @Katmary71 yeah tough to do on the phone. One of the reasons I don't post every day is I can't do it on the phone, so it has to be when I'm sitting at my computer.

    Anyway- happy new year!
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    edited December 2019
    @its_cleo - Everyone's capacity is different. Happy New Year! How great that you have that 4-drink plan for tonight that works for you! 🥳

    @wwood008 - 😮 What an impressive month you have had in December! Congratulations! 🏆
    You will still be in Slimpossibles unless you tell us you wish to depart. We hope you will stay with us! 👐

    @bethanie0825- I am so sorry to hear you are sick. I do hope you feel better very soon! 👐

    @mrmcgrath - Sorry to hear sugar won a battle. It's tough this time of year. With so many temptations, our willpower gets worn out sometimes, and at the holidays, there always seem to be tempting sweets around at the ready for those moments of weakness. Anyway, you will be right back at it, working your plan ASAP!

    @Katmary71 - So sorry about the run-in with your new knife! Here's to growing the pointy nail back soon!
    I love your new recipe resolution. And, hey -- i just happened to have collards and black-eyed peas for lunch!
    I like collards steamed, and then add things like Tabasco chipotle pepper hot sauce, Valentina hot sauce (not as hot as Tabasco, and less vinegary), liquid smoke (one of my favorite inexpensive and super flavorful things to add). 🌶️🔥
    How great that you noticed the stores using product placement to their advantage, and not yours! We all get to choose, but first we have to notice how the market us trying to influence our behavior. (If you are a reader, my single favorite book on this, and it's very readable, is Robert Cialdini's Influence.) 📕

    @nbbaby - Congratulations on the great weigh-in! 🎉

    @raleighgirl09 - I love this thing with your snack -- plan for it so you have the option, and then only eat it if you really want it. Brilliant! And yay to feeding that inner child a little choco almond milk. Finding healthy treats we can include is so important! ✔️✔️✔️

    @jugar - I am totally excited about ✔️ Make January GREEN! ✔️ Woohoo! 🎉

    @TeresaW1020 - YES! I keep having to check to figure out what day it is. Christmas falling on Wednesday seemed to make this year extra confusing. Something about the weeks being split has made it seem extra odd. I anchor my sense of the week around the weekend and count form those days, I think. Anyway, I feel tossed in a blanket this week!
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