• leonadixon
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    Username: leonadixon
    Weigh in day: Wednesday
    PW (11/27): 198.8
    Check in weight (12/4): 199.6
    Check in weight (12/11): 200.6
    Check in weight (12/18): 198.2

    Counting the carbs has been an easy transition for me. Let's hope I really succeed on this!
  • TeresaW1020
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    Wednesday Check-in:
    Calories: under
    Water: over
    Exercise: 25 minute strength program on the treadmill and 30 minutes, day 14 of 21-Day Fix, pilates.

    Sorry that I've been MIA for the last couple of days. Work and life have gotten in my way yet again. I've also been doing a lot of thinking and reading about my eating plan and what I want to do next year. For several reasons, I'm going to back off of strick Keto, which I suck at sticking with and going into a more low carb, whole-food approach with the occasional indulgence tossed in. I'm mostly going back to calorie counting and letting the macros take care of themselves. I'm tired of trying to try to fit myself into a diet plan and just want to be normal. I will continue to do intermittent fasting and even try to extend my fasting hours along with continuing to challenge myself with my workouts. The best thing that has happened to me this year is learning about IF and signing up for Beachbody on Demand. Now, I just need to get my eating in order and I will be unstoppable in achieving my goal weight in 2020! B)
  • AustinRuadhain
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    @nbbaby - Your weigh-in number does seem like water retention could be involved. Keep making healthy choices, and see how things shake out. Get well soon! 🤗

    @Jactop - Wow. Congrats on the great weigh-in, but so sorry it came to you by catching the flu. I hope you are recovering well! 😮🤗

    @mrmcgrath - Hurray to getting back into the gym! Do be sure to go a little gently with yourself, as a few weeks is long enough to need a little building back up! 🔥💪🏾

    @raleighgirl09 - Oh, my. I am So sorry to hear about your bout with food poisoning. That is NO fun. 😮🤗
    I am super impressed you were then at the gym this morning doing abs. You are one tough, determined cookie!
    As far as your check-in: "Mood? Happy to not be sick!" This so made me smile. I know it's so easy for me to take health for granted until I don't have it!
    And this, your comment to @wwood008" -- "Lovely thing about that wagon, it's always in the garage, just gotta hitch that puppy up." -- SUCH words of wisdom! 🏆

    @wwood008 - What a great weigh-in, holiday indulgences and all! 🏆 😊 👍🏽

    @its_cleo - So glad you are having fun at the gym! And you are super smart to get a trainer to help make sure you lift heavy stuff with good form. 🤓💪🏾

    @KatMary71 - I loved your comment to @its_cleo -- "Only 150 calories over is really good!" Ain't it the truth? It's so easy to beat ourselves up for going over just a little. 150 calories is indeed not a lot. And awesome to have that kind of overage be an off day during December! 👍🏽🎉

    @leonadixon - 🎈 Woohoo! What a great weigh-in! Congratulations on finding a way of eating that is working for you!

    @TeresaW1020 - 🤓 All that thinking and planning sounds super great. Finding the way of eating that works for you is such an individual project, and it is great you are doing the work.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    Tuesday Check-in
    Calories: under; all good, on-plan choices
    Water: on target
    Exercise: platform stepping (46 min)
    Steps (target 7500): over (day 1 of a new streak!)

    Daily Goals
    1. Meditate ✔️
    2. Exercise 30 minutes a day ✔️
    3. Hydrate ✔️
    4. Martial Arts Practice ✔️
    5. Thankful ✔️ for my health and mobility

    Goals and Improvements for Wednesday:
    - Stick with my food plan, measure and log everything, stay at/under calories
    - Martial arts practice and class
    - An outdoor walk tonight if I can fit it in; otherwise platform stepping
    - Keep up work on a "what I need to work on" inventory (thinking of through now and year end, and in 2020)
  • raleighgirl09
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    Wednesday check in
    steps 12/17 2,840 not setting records these last few days!!

    I think there have been two game changers for me, of late. 1- I stopped having the visual of the extra exercise calories in front of me so if I go over the planned amount, I am faced with the red; I hate the red, it feels like failure. I'm still getting the exercise but not the extra food which was way too easy to drift into. 2- the journaling, however brief, is really helping me be more aware because I'll be writing it down. Two somewhat simple changes that I am really glad I made; they have not been easy or natural and I don't know if they ever will be but they are more familiar now, a few weeks later - I think? I'd have to go back and look to see how long I have been doing it. But in terms of habits, I think this is me starting to see some structure of new habits forming...some solid ground under me, even if it is thin, so far. In terms of actions, I can see them documented daily because of the new habit. And in terms of results, I am eating less and am losing weight. I'd love for me to always see this as a simple formula - but if I forget, will someone please remind me? =>

    Prelog 3 meals? B pre-log no but pre-planned yes, L yes, D yes
    Times? B730, L 1045 , D 7
    Non-planned eating? yes, a few ounces of turkey when I got home after work
    Thoughts during overeats? thinking I should not just eat at the sink at 430 but was hungry again and dinner with Mom is at 7. Thought I might reduce something planned later
    Thoughts? DISCOVERY thought: had an awesome revelation while walking with the podcast that I now cannot recall - new discovery thought is to carry a notepad and pen on the walks, not the first time that has happened!! I think it was around the topic of hunger
    Mood? good mood, start vacation time after Friday, just winding up
    Obstacles? Time - have to make up time for work to avoid losing PTO time I have already planned so am combining with going easy on myself and skipping the very early morning workout until Friday from home
    Hunger? Woke up starving! Ate early and had to eat early for lunch
    1% effort today? got home early enough for a walk this evening
    3 good things? organizing my work day to be sure I got a work walk, the great feeling after my late walk, being so much more aware now of what I am doing and sometimes surprised - which can be from either direction
    Exercise? 1.75 miles around the pond at work and a hood lap, 2.15 miles [steps logged the next day]
    Sleep? 1045p-530a [log the morning after]
    Nighttime eats?
  • raleighgirl09
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    Been reading through all the posts, lots going on - and cheer up, holiday parties are coming to an end here, soon!

    @Katmary71 - great job on #4 in your 5 for 90, that's hard to do when you're in the moment....and the win feels so great! =>

    @mrmcgrath - I often get a sleep score at 75 or even a little lower, sometimes when it seems I slept enough hours, does it seem that way to you?

    @leonadixon - congrats on the weigh in, most excellent!

    @AustinRuadhain - I have to confess that while it would have been admirable to be in the gym (or anywhere) getting an abs workout after such a mess of illness....eh....I had, and still have, sore abs from the unfortunate number of times I was throwing up - it so was not pretty. My joke backfired!! =>
  • bethanie0825
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    I'm dreading this week's check in; so much so that I debated skipping it completely but here we go

    Weekly Check In
    Day - Tuesday
    Username - bethanie0825
    Previous - 234 (?)
    Current - 236.6

    I've been moving more and drinking more water but we've eaten out a few times in the past week. My husband even commented that he was up 5 lbs from yesterday morning. I understand why I'm up but it still sucks.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    edited December 2019
    @bethanie0825 - So, I am sorry the number this week is not what you'd like. But...
    If you are anything like me in this, weighing in today anyway, despite the bad news you expected, was a SUPER great decision! For me, if I check in promptly and get real on what the damage has been, I get a good idea of what I can and cannot get away with (great data) and I also get to be back in action rather than hiding from what's so. So from me you get a big hat's off for weighing in. I think doing the hard thing of weighing in makes you stronger and sets you free to get back in action. Works that way for me, anyway.
    There's lots of temptation happening this time of year. Do damage control if need be, and know that the end of year food-related craziness will soon be past. 👐

    @raleighgirl09 - Urg. Maybe I needed more coffee when I read that. I just skittered past and thought you were Iron Woman! Hey, it could happen. And seriously, I hope you and your abs feel much MUCH better tomorrow! 👐👐👐
    Thank you for sharing your journaling. It is so inspiring! 🔥
    And this made me laugh: " I am eating less and am losing weight. I'd love for me to always see this as a simple formula - but if I forget, will someone please remind me?" 😹 Yes.
  • Katmary71
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    @leonadixon great loss!

    @TeresaW1020 Sounds like you're developing a great plan going forward with low carb, whole foods and continuing your exercise. I spent a lot of time torn between low carb and whole-food plant-based and feeling like I had to choose. I spend a lot of time reading different ways of eating/living. I'm not low carb and I still eat some meat but that's ok! I'll continue to tweak things to work better for me but feeling like it has to be an exact eating style can cause more stress than we need.

    @bethanie0825 don't dread checking in, none of us are judging you! Chances are some of that is retaining water from sodium in restaurant meals. If it's a full gain that's ok too, you'll get it off in no time!

  • Katmary71
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    Wednesday check-in

    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, strength, gardening, dancing
    Water- over

    5 for 90
    1. Gym 3xs a week- I really didn't want to go today but went and did weights
    2. Exercise 30 minutes a day- done, did a little of everything
    3. Decluttering- yay, can finally say I did it! Filled up 5 bags and filled the garbage can to overflowing and filled green waste with dirt and dying tomato plants
    4. Trigger food- struggled a bit more with eating just my meal for my first two meals. Had pizza before nephew's choir concert and 3 pieces is 750 calories, crazy and it's not that good, I prefer my own cooking now which is scary!
    5. Upcoming goal- wrap presents tomorrow, strongly consider doing the stair treadmill at gym for 5 minutes!

    I was thinking of the team challenge of thinking to 2020 and how we want it to be. Teresa you said what you're going to change and continue to do, Raleigh girl you're actively changing your thinking, and Austin Ruadhain you mentioned thinking about it. What is everyone hoping to change and what will you continue? Any goals you want to share?
  • kayla7303
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    Weekly weigh in

    Last week 206
    This week 200.8
  • AustinRuadhain
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    edited December 2019
    @Kayla7303 - 💥 Boom! What a great weigh-in! And during December! Congratulations!

    @Katmary71 - I'll noodle some more on goals and then share! 💡
    🎄 🔥💪🏾I am with you by the way in terms of today's goals -- a mix of fitness and holidays! I wish my holiday goals were about wrapping gifts, but they are about picking up a few so I can get to wrapping.
    Thinking about your comments to @Teresaw1020 -- like you, I also tried low carb. It works well for some people, but not me. The best I can say is that there's not one thing that works best for everyone, so when something is NOT working and you have given it some time, then change or tweak!

    @bethanie0825 - YES! What @KatMary71 said -- "don't dread checking in, none of us are judging you! Chances are some of that is retaining water from sodium in restaurant meals. If it's a full gain that's ok too, you'll get it off in no time!" 👐👐👐
  • AustinRuadhain
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    Wednesday Check-in
    Calories: under; all good, on-plan choices
    Water: on target
    Exercise: martial arts class
    Steps (target 7500): under

    Daily Goals
    1. Meditate ✔️
    2. Exercise 30 minutes a day ✔️
    3. Hydrate ✔️
    4. Martial Arts Practice ✔️
    5. Thankful ✔️ for such great friends in my life, including here on MFP, especially this group!

    Goals and Improvements for Thursday:
    - Stick with my food plan, measure and log everything, stay at/under calories
    - Martial arts practice and class
    - Get work done to prep for New Year's Brunch
    - Get today's gift shopping done (4 last items)
    - Keep up work on a "what I need to work on" inventory (thinking of through now and year end, and in 2020)
  • mrmcgrath
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    Check In
    Username: mrmcgrath
    Weigh in week: Week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Weight: 197.6
    Todays Weight:198.4

    Calories: maintenance
    Water: over/under? Under
    Macros: Carb and Protein off
    Steps : 5243
    Exercise: legs and core

    Yesterday’s Fitbit/mfp stats:
    5243 steps. 5500 goal steps
    2.27 miles
    2378 burned calories
    35 active
    81 sleep score
    66 resting sleep
    2001 calories consumed

    Macros…Carb 54% goal 40%, Fat 31% goal 30%, Protein 15% goal 30%

    @teresaW1020 - trying to stick to a diet plan frustrates me and I honestly feel I fail more because of all the stipulations. I’ve determined that eating more of a paleo lifestyle has benefited me more simply because I feel better. I hurt less, my mental clarity isn’t as foggy, and my Transverse Myelitis symptoms are not as strong. I wish you good luck on your journey and hope you can find what works best for you!

    @raleighgirl09 - my sleep score ranges from mid 60’s to sometimes upper 80’s. I have noticed the less I sleep the worse my number. Last nights number was good 7 hours but I also took Benadryl before bed 😁.
  • its_cleo
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    I think I'm on track with cals but only partially keeping up with my fitness goals. Work is taking up a lot of time.

    @mrmcgrath how do you calculate a sleep score? My cats wake me up in the middle of the night, or 5am. It's really a pain.

    @AustinRuadhain I don't know how you find the energy for it all.

    My regular trainer is in Florida- lucky guy it was -15c here today. Tomorrow I see a different trainer. He is ok, nice to mix it up a bit.
  • raleighgirl09
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    Thursday weigh in week 2 (19Dec2019)
    Previous weight: 194.2
    Current weight: 190.9
    Steps: 12/18 12,232

    It was a good day for thinking. I cannot describe how incredibly helpful it has been to be aware and intentionally think about what I am doing and to document it.

    Prelog 3 meals? no - I got involved with work and was not hungry/interested in eating much and just....did not feel like it
    Times? B 1130, L230, D630
    Non-planned eating? yes, ate a bite of egg salad on a chip when i got home after dinner with kids
    Thoughts during overeats? i didn't think I was as close on calories as i was and didn't think it would really matter to have the bites. I knew dinner would be low cal, but it wasn't as low as i thought - i had to put the recipe into MFP and was surprised it was in the 350 range
    Thoughts? DISCOVERY thought: I had random thoughts this morning about hot chocolate or Jersey Mike's, passively considering them. I have lost a good amount of weight this month...so it was almost a subconscious thought that I had 'earned' it or something. When I focused on the thought, I realized it was a crap thought bouncing around in my head but is that over-confidence or some kind of relaxing of new habits and thinking it is ok? Is it what I do at some point and that's how weight piles back on? Why was there a trigger, an almost devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear - what was that trigger? It took me some time to even figure out these after-thoughts and questions - it was almost like me going into some auto-pilot....and I know this has happened before. What a slippery slope - it is not about the food. Next thought - it was quite odd to be hungry but to have no desire to eat. No reason and no angst over it, I just delayed lunch until I felt the desire to eat.
    Mood? good mood today, got a lot done at work, WFH tomorrow which will be good because I'm tired from 2 nights of less than optimal sleep
    Obstacles? A clash of work time needed and picking up granddaughter from daycare - I didn't get 10,000 steps today and decided to be ok with the choice
    Hunger? Some hunger during the day between B and L but didn't feel like eating, or had no desire to eat so I just stayed hungry until I wanted to eat. It was a non-deal.
    1% effort today? Made sure I took time for a work walk around the pond, 2 miles, was very honest about counting a bite of egg salad on a chip as non-planned eating. It's not a failure to eat the few bites, but it would be a failure to not be honest about it. Small bites of things add up.
    3 good things? B and L were not pre-logged but were pre-planned, I logged the recipe for dinner before eating more dinner at home so that my over calories were much smaller than could have been. I have really been thinking about the food, the plan, the hunger - I am aware.
    Exercise? 2 miles around pond at work [steps logged the next day] (steps 18Dec19 12,232)
    Sleep? 1100p-530a[log the morning after]
    Nighttime eats? not late - just the above described at about 8
  • Katmary71
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    Calories- under
    Exercise- bike, core strength, stretching
    Water- over

    5 for 90
    1. Gym 3xs a week
    2. 30 minutes exercise- done
    3. Decluttering- none
    4. Trigger foods- none but I keep wanting more butternut squash and I ate half of one total today!
    5. Upcoming goal- got presents wrapped, really consider the stair treadmill tomorrow, at least check out how to use it!
  • TeresaW1020
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    Weigh in week:  Week 3
    Weigh in day: Friday
    Previous Weight: 207.5
    Todays Weight: 208.4

    Well, I was hoping for a loss this week and on Tuesday it looked like I was going to get one but then I increased my weights during my workouts the last two days and then last night I had a big plate of super-salty stir-fry for dinner. My rings won't budge on my fingers so I know that I'm retaining water. I'm not getting upset but plan to keep on and know that it will go back down. :)
  • Beka3695
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    … or afternoon. Depending on your location on the globe!

    January is quickly approaching! It is time to start recruiting for the coming month. Registration should be opened later today. Start the chatter and get the word out!

    Once the registration page is live - I will provide a link that you can copy into your news feed.

    2020 HERE WE COME!!!!
  • davors19
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    Username: davors19
    Weigh-in week: Week 3
    Weigh-in day: Friday
    Previous Weight: 279
    Todays Weight: 280
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