I'm back, and here's why...

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Hi, y'all! I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I used to hang out here quite a bit a couple years ago. I have tried to stick with LCHF, dabbled in some other ways of eating, went completely off the rails for a while, and now I'm back. No other WOE has yielded the results low carb has both on the scale and off the scale, but it can be hard for me to stay focused without the support of this group, so I decided to come back. :smile:

My weight has climbed over 200 again, my feet and knees and SI joint hurt every day, my mood sucks, and I feel sluggish all day long. I don't want my kids to remember me like this. Also, my youngest was diagnosed with absence epilepsy a little over a year ago (he's 5), and we have had difficulty managing his seizures with medication (he had a "honeymoon period" of 3 months with one medication before the seizures returned, and a few other medications have failed to work for him). At present, he appears to be mostly seizure-free on a combination of an anti-epileptic drug and a benzodiazepine, but it's only been about a month (and his sisters still tell me they see a seizure here and there), so I won't be surprised if it stops working in a few weeks. I hate that he has to take these medications at such a young age, and I don't like the mood and behavioral side effects I'm seeing, so I am preparing myself for possibly putting him on a ketogenic diet. (His current epileptologist will definitely put him on keto if genetic testing shows he has a glucose transporter deficiency, and those results should be ready any day now.) I have had such a hard time staying on a low carb diet myself, though, that I don't want to jump right in with him. I know it will be easier if I have a head start eating this way first.

So that's it. That's why I'm here. I look forward to learning and relearning from you all again, as well as the support and accountability I get from being here. :smiley:


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    Welcome back! I’ve been on this wagon since Jan 2019 after being diagnosed with Hashimotos. I am mostly gluten free/grain free/sugar free/low carb-50 grams net daily. It’s a great way of eating. I should be able to eat this way for life. I started off gluten free and I still had had horrible symptoms so my doc told me to try low carb and intermittent fasting, I never have been able to IF, but maybe one day, I still wasn’t feeling optimal so I decided to decrease all grains and sugar, I’m possibly a sugar addict, and I’m honestly feeling 100x better. Still always room for improvement. One day at a time right.
    Add me as a friend 🤗
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    I am back as well on my low carb. I keep falling of the wagon. Working as a cook in a very busy school kitchen isn't easy. I do find this website good https://leap.app/ they got a free a very simple fasting app. And other apps that you can use for motivation.
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    I'm back too. Number 1 reason is accountability and reality check. Love the support from others in this "no judgement zone". @DianaElena76, sorry to hear about your son, hoping he is doing better.
    Wishing all of us success on our journies!!
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    Also need low carb friends!!!! :)
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    Never really dropped out, but stopped posting for awhile. So I'm back again. It really helps me to read the posts and contribute when I can.
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    Thank you all for commenting. I appreciate the solidarity, knowing I'm not in this alone. @rmac18 thank you for adding me as well.
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    Recently back too. I have had to be on high dose steroids for a serious lung inflammation, so trying to battle the side effects of the steroids with low carb eating. Happy to be friends with anyone.
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    Good to see you again, @Malimalai. Welcome back!
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    Thank you very much @canadjineh I'm glad to be back with MFP. Nice to talk with people I know from last year like yourself and new people too.x 🤗