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  • mram3582
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    @Motiv8tedMom I'm going to be right there with you for this week. I've eaten horribly with the locals bringing in food for the 911 station and I wasn't able to go home.
    @MzzOptimistic_SuperMom The PW: should reflect the last week. It is not entirely needed, it is just there for reference/ reaffirmation point.
    @fiftyonefour Great loss! I'm glad that you're feeling better!
    @victorious55 @42Amy Perfect day! Thanks you two!! I did finally get an easy day today to just do reports. I'm in charge of the 911 dispatch team and I'm the only one that can operate a manual switchboard if the system goes down. I have to be there for ALL the crummy weather events. I just makes it really hard to do anything else when I am stuck there for literally days at a time.
    @Stimpy56 Great day!
    @readyornot1234 Super good day too! Enjoy your many pee breaks today! :D
  • mram3582
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    Daily Post: 02/09 Sunday
    Track: yes
    Calories: over-been over almost every day this week with lots of sodium. It is going to be a horrible weigh in. I need to drink up too before Tues.
    Exercise: no
    Daily goal: To not die of dysentery. Tomorrow-to also, not die of dysentery.
  • WA_Teacher
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    Daily Post: Feb. 9th
    Track: Nope
    Calories: Unsure
    Exercise: Nope but I finished my report cards!!
  • WA_Teacher
    WA_Teacher Posts: 987 Member
    Feb Week 2
    Previous Weight: 224.5
    Current Weight: 224
  • mram3582
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    @WA_Teacher Yay for you!! I still feel my 5th grade English teacher is grading my posts! :p I'm ok with most spelling and I know the difference between you're, your, to, too, two, they're, there, and their. My comma usage is iffy and my tenses are all over the place (probably because I don't know if it is this week, that week, or sometime next year in my regular day to day activities). :#
  • TypingToaster
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    Daily Post: Sunday, Feb. 9th
    Track: Yes
    Calories: Goal: 1800 Food: 2187
    Exercise: Exercise Calories: 1163 Net Calorie intake: 1024
  • fiftyonefour
    fiftyonefour Posts: 105 Member
    Track Yes
    Calories Under
    Exercise 60 minute hike ⛰️💪🏽
  • dheliason
    dheliason Posts: 273 Member
    February week 2
    Previous: 149.0
    Current: 151.6

  • plummerbecky1
    plummerbecky1 Posts: 49 Member
    Week: February week 2 ( Feb 10th)
    Sundays- Sorry a day late this week
    PW =204.2

    Stayed the same... No up .. No Down... Next week will be better.
  • shanteel612
    shanteel612 Posts: 449 Member
    I have been so busy the past 3 months because I started a side business
    I have not been going to the gym. Last night i said i am going to start going regulary again. This morning I went and I felt so good. I renewed my commitment to get in shapte. I will be posting here more often...I promise.
  • mrs1spy
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    February week 2 (10/02/20)
    PW 179.4
    CW 180.1

    So sorry team 😢
  • mrs1spy
    mrs1spy Posts: 187 Member
    Daily post 10/02/2020
    Track: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: 45 minutes workout
  • LucyTwinkles
    LucyTwinkles Posts: 6 Member
    Daily post 10th Feb

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Under
    Exercise: Yes (20min spinning, 10min on the mat)
  • Stimpy56
    Stimpy56 Posts: 490 Member
    Feb 10

    Track: Yes
    Calories: Yes - under
    Exercise: YES - I finally made it to the gym today after being sick for a week!
  • 42Amy
    42Amy Posts: 77 Member
    Daily Post
    Exercise-did some stretching this morning. Rest was good for the knee but tired after 11K steps at work.
  • readyornot1234
    readyornot1234 Posts: 1,027 Member
    Monday, 2/10

    Tracking: Yes
    Calories: under
    Exercise: Yes
  • mram3582
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    @plummerbecky1 Not a gain!
    @shanteel612 I'm gonna hold you to it!!
    @mrs1spy super duper workout trooper!
    @nbbaby I'll be in the same boat tomorrow.
    @LucyTwinkles Perfect day! Keep it up!
    @Stimpy56 Yay! Going back to the gym is the true test to make sure you're completely over the crud!
    @42Amy Nice steppin'!
    @readyornot1234 Another great day!
  • mram3582
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    February Week 1 is now in the books!

    Great job everyone! Let's take the momentum into Week 2!!!

    Below are the full results for Week 1.

    The Biggest Loser Is...
    1st - @BB_1033. - 2.94%
    2nd - @AB0215. - 2.13%
    3rd - @Dustyspal. - 2.13%

    The TEAM Biggest Loser...
    1st - Run Track Minds. - 0.33%
    2nd - The Slimsons. - 0.20%
    3rd - Gutbusters. - 0.13%

    Top 3 Individual % by Team:

    The Big Butt Theory
    1st - @RoseyandReady. - 1.64%
    2nd - @Geminilady159. - 1.44%
    3rd - @primekayprime. - 1.40%

    The Slimsons
    1st - @AB0215. - 2.13%
    2nd - @Dustyspal. - 2.13%
    3rd - @Smallhippo1. - 1.09%

    1st - @BB_1033. - 2.94%
    2nd - @Cspdb3. - 1.88%
    3rd - @Tickie99. - 1.12%

    Run Track Minds
    1st - @Midsummer174627. - 1.99%
    2nd - @Luvmymonsters. - 1.48%
    3rd - @AmyG1982. - 1.38%

    1st - @MzzOptimistic_SuperMom. - 1.43%
    2nd - @dheliason. - 1.32%
    3rd - @Fiftyonefour. - 1.25%

    Individual Top 3 Pounds Lost
    1st - @BB_1033. - 5.0 lbs.
    2nd - @Dustyspal. - 4.9 lbs.
    3rd - @Cspdb3. - 4.3 lbs.

    Overall Pounds Lost by Team
    The Big Butt Theory - 5.1 lbs.
    The Slimsons - 8.9 lbs.
    Gutbusters - 5.8 lbs.
    Run Track Minds - 13.5 lbs.
    Flab-U-Less - 4.1 lbs.

    Overall Total Lost: 37.4 lbs

    Week 1 Snapshot

    1st week of the Feb. challenge done! Congrats to our team's top losers: @MzzOptimistic_SuperMom @dheliason @fiftyonefour. Keep up the great work and let's make this week amazing too!! GO TEAM FLAB-U-LESS!!
  • mram3582
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    Daily post: 02/10 Monday
    Track: yes
    Calories: under-barely
    Exercise: no
    Daily goal: use a magic 8 ball to finish adding extra shifts to the schedule....when are the stupid people most likely to do stupid things?....hmmm??? Tomorrow-it's only a day away!
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