Goal setting for fun and being accountable



  • wrathofpascal
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    SV, NSV? what do the mean?
  • Azercord
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    Scale Value - so basically your goal weight
    Non-Scale Value - little victories along the way that help push and drive you to go further (lifting more, running further/faster, new notch on the belt, etc)
  • mysticmarshmallow
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    So many cosplayers here! Love it! I had been working on a princess mononoke costume for last Halloween and never finished!

    SV: 160lbs by 9/1/16 I have a festival retreat I'm working and want to feel my best!

    NSV: Add swimming to my workout regiment
    More yoga in my workout regiment....
    Develop a workout regiment
  • portent13
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    Hello, new here. I've been on this site since November, but have kept quiet.
    My SV-I have about 15 extra lbs to lose. My goal is to lose it by Sept. I have a fairly active job, and if i restrict my calories too low and lose to fast, I'm starving all the time.

    NSV--to get control over my eating (not using food for emotional reasons)
    to stick to my food budget instead of getting takeout from the deli
    run/lift 3-4 days/week
    yoga 1-2 days/week
  • BJG7_UK
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    Short term goal here..
    39 days to drop to 9/10% BF for my holiday to Florida
  • saracolleenstar
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    I've lost 10 pounds so far. I'd like to lose another 10 by by the time I go to Cambodia with my partner in mid December. I'd like to be able to hike for 4 hours to do the Mt Butik trek in Bali in December as well, on a solo trip. I want to wear some of my cuter dresses and skirts in January, which is also my birthday month. I'll be turning 39. It's my year to be get fit for forty!
  • xbootykickinx
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    SV- hit 150lbs by end of year I have 50lbs to go.

    NSV- feel confident in a swimsuit
  • BrettWithPKU
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    Scale goal- 210 lb by 12/31 (262 lb today)

    Non-scale goal- self-confidence that comes with knowing I look good.

    Fun goal- Walking onto the pitch next spring for Gaelic football and hurling, and being able to play any position (even midfield).
  • daniels8186
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    It sounds like everyone on here is having some pretty great success..I'm not really succeeding.Hoping to get your input.What's working for you or has worked for you?I have been under my calories every day and i am active 7 days a week.
  • KittyPryde2
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    1. SV : To lose 75 lbs, then decided what my "ultimate" goal should be
    2. NSV : Become more flexible
    3. Fun Goal : I went to the local Ren Faire with my boyrfiend's friend while he was at work before COVID happened and had the most amazing time, seriously it is glorious, campy fun with amazing food and live shows. I'm definitely going in costume when it reopens.
  • dcbern17
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    Goal weight around 140-145
    Fun goal: attend a bollyx class tomorrow and turn up the music 🎵
  • ash064
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    To reach my goal weight of 140 lbs by my birthday next year in April. Currently 174 lbs and I have not been at that weight since high school.

    To run a marathon mid October this year. I've been lazy and still have a lot of training to go in this last month...

    Fun: I'm in my first year teaching high school and working in a program that supports students who really need extra help to reach graduation. My goal is to learn and develop better techniques to support my students and have a 90% or above rate of students completing my program so they can reach graduation and accomplish their goals.
  • iancarl0716
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    Hi everyone. New here. Here's mine. 😊

    SV: To reach probably about 12% body fat by October of this year. I know 10% is quite a killer already.

    NSV: To be able to control or manage my cravings for sweet snacks/desserts.

    Fun Goal: Improve my dancing skills by attending classes and learning from highly skilled choreographers and coaches.