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In deficit, but so much weight gained

AnniejazzAnniejazz Member, Premium Posts: 31 Member Member, Premium Posts: 31 Member
I'm currently on 2000kcal per day on my way to TDEE. I have been in deficit on all but 3 days in the last 3 weeks or so. I have lost a few cms so I know that I'm losing fat, but I have gained 7lb. Everything I read says that water weight is a pound or two, and I know that I can't have gained that much muscle. The fat loss has been, principally, from my thighs, and I look, if anything, worse than I did. Advice and, hopefully, reassurance please.


  • NadorielNadoriel Member Posts: 59 Member Member Posts: 59 Member
    I wish I could be more helpful but I’m not entirely sure. So if you’ve given 3 weeks eating close to tdee and you seem to be gaining weight consistently, then you must actually be surpassing your tdee. Do you can try and eat 10 or 15% less of what you are eating now and see if you lose weight??? Give it again the same 3 weeks. That’s what I’d do. But make sure that’s really not hormonal/water/muscle gains
  • heybalesheybales Member Posts: 18,064 Member Member Posts: 18,064 Member
    If you think you are eating above maintenance, lets say 2 lbs of 7 was water weight.

    So if thinking 5 lbs was fat (despite losing size), always do the math - because fat is not fast lost or gained.

    5 lbs x 3500 cal/lb of fat / 21 days = 833 extra calories over maintenance for fat gain. (or loss too)

    Do you think it's really possible you have been eating 833 each and every day on average above your true maintenance?

    Even sloppy logging would likely not add up that fast - unless some fat dense foods were very poorly measured.

    Are you weighing all you eat?
    Because calories is per gram - not cup or spoon.

    Water weight can be more depending on your starting and ending points.

    Only valid weigh in to even considering using is:
    Morning after rest day eating normal sodium levels, not sore from last workout.

    That will minimize known water weight fluctuations.
    If you had several low sodium days prior to starting weigh-in, and a big sodium meal day before ending weigh-in - could easily cause that much water weight gain.
    Or a hard workout day before. Or a hardwork and sweat a lot day before starting weigh in.

    So no I would not say you could be gaining fat.

    Even if you were 100 calories over maintenance somehow each and every day - it would take 35 days of that to slowly gain 1 lb of fat.

    Water weight.
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