COVID lockdown weight gain

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I know it has become a meme but has anyone else gained some weight during lock down? I'm back to work this week so I'm trying to get back on track, low carb works for me as well as cutting out all alcohol. I'm feeling bad that all my work clothes are feeling so tight!!!


  • MrsSylvie
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    nope no weight gain and i actually lost some inches off the stubborn belly area since. i decided to used the lockdown early on to make the jump from my low carb (100 carbs) diet to a permanent 20netcarbs keto lifestyle. glad i did cause it definitely stopped me from munching on the carb goodies still in our house for the hubby.
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    Summer is always hard for me, it’s so hot here in the valley that walking and exercising outdoors is almost impossible, I feel like summer started early this year with the city lockdown and stay home order. I definitely have gained and it’s due to a lack of movement as well as food choices. It’s difficult to meal plan when your not sure what foods will be available when you pickup your order. I’m trying to stay below 50 mg of carbs, I do pretty good at that level. Snacking has returned but not napping so there is still balance. I was able to shift my sleeping schedule during this quarantine so now I get better sleep and I’m not up at night eating and watching tv, which honestly, was one of my favorite things to do, lol I just need to find another way to wind down in the evenings, so far so good, it’s not a race so I can spend the rest of my life learning how to feed my self correctly and maybe one day I will choose to put myself first 😉
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    Leanbean65 wrote: »
    I know it has become a meme but has anyone else gained some weight during lock down? I'm back to work this week so I'm trying to get back on track, low carb works for me as well as cutting out all alcohol. I'm feeling bad that all my work clothes are feeling so tight!!!

    Oh yeah. I spent the first 3 weeks on my couch bingeing on tv and every kind of carb I could find, I suppose as a way to make myself feel better. I've managed to put back 20 lbs of the 28 I lost last year on keto, in about 3 months. Pretty sure the alcohol was a factor for me as well...sigh.

    Good news is I'm back on track, but unfortunately until I figure out how to fix this new pain in my left leg (feels like a pinched nerve, am doing physio, it helps but seems very slow going), I can't hike the hills near my office like I did last spring and summer, which was how I lost the weight.

    I don't know if the keto lifestyle impairs one's ability to ever enjoy a carb again, but it sure felt like it...but full disclosure, I was realllllly over-doing things.

    That said, I'm back on for the last week, and already feeling better in most ways except the leg thing. I know my appetite will come in line again soon, which was the biggest factor enabling me to lose the weight last year...not nearly as hungry and distracted by food, the next meal, etc. with this WOE.

    Good luck to you! I'm very motivated to shed pounds, given the new and improved risk factors of being overweight we're contending with these days.
  • tcunbeliever
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    Yes, I gained 7 lbs...but coronavirus coincided with the start of a bulking program for me anyway, so that only 1-2 lbs more than I usually gain during a bulk...I should end June back to where I started if all goes according to plan!
  • goodasgoldilox165
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    We have had a difficult few months - so should not be too critical of ourselves but I agree that is it good to take stock and make better plans for the future now.

    (It is all too easy to let the trials of lockdown and the fear of this virus create even worse health problems. Covid-19 MIGHT be a hazard to any one of us... but we know that weight-gain WILL be. )

    Baconslave - you are doing a great thing! Challenges work really well as distractions and can have such a positive long-term effect.
  • dbhDeb
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    yes! I have gained and am also on ready to drop some pounds!
  • nicolejo143
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    I gained weight after surgery this year on my foot in January. But mostly I gained weight from eating a full carby diet again. I also used covid as an excuse to eat even more carbs, because there was no meat in the stores and I thought need to stock up on dried foods like rice and beans. I don't feel good anymore and I'm overweight again. I was healthier and happier when was eating low carb. I want to go back to eating low carb but its tough because at this point I'm addicted to carbs again. There are also some foods that have carbs that I like that are healthy and thats another point of struggle for me. For example I like: apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, lentils, hummus and oats.
  • macchiatto
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    Yes. My weight was up and down a bit in January but depending on when you count from, I've gained 12-16 lbs. (I peaked a week ago, have tightened up logging again and have lost 3 lbs so far.) I've had a lot of ups and downs over the past 3 years but my overall trajectory has been up; gained about 22 lbs overall. Now getting to the top of the "normal" weight range and running out of pants that fit (after having already gradually bought up 1 size in the past few years; not will have to go up a second size unless I manage to reverse this trend!).
  • camtosh
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    Yep, so I am on an Atkins fat fast starting today, aiming to get into ketosis and to start logging again! I quit the daily MFP habit on Jan 1, and now regret that I did. Gained 4 kilos or so, esp. since March working from home. Binged on peanut butter and nuts, so now those are off the table. Here's hoping it works.
  • elize7
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    Yes. I have gained. The lock down started right after I'd had a month of real progress, and I regressed all that plus more. I feel like I'm settling to a better pattern this month, trying to remember all the benefits of low carb living. Next month...I'll hope to address the poundage and exercise.
    I've been struggling with this for a long time now...a couple years...and feel Iike the time is now.
  • TheDevastator
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    I haven't gained but haven't lost any either. I've been eating really healthy and started relaxed carnivore the last few days.