Living The Lifestyle, Thursday, June 25, 2020

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First, I apologize for forgetting this last Thursday. I actually didn't forget it completely. I remembered it about 6:00 after a very full day of a mammogram, a DEXA scan, repeat blood work, a visit to the grocery store, a visit to the Post Office, and a nap when I got home. I *almost* forgot it today and don't even have an excuse!
We meet here to explore, share, celebrate and (sometimes) agonize over how we do (or don't) incorporate weight loss guidelines into our daily lives. "It's a lifestyle, not a diet" is easily and often said, but sometimes not so simply put into practice.

This is a thread for everyone. If you're new to GoaD, or to weight loss, your questions and comments are always welcome. If you're maintaining, or a long-term loser, your thoughts on the topic may be just what someone else needs to hear. If you're reading this, join in the discussion!

Each weekday, a new topic is offered up for discussion.

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Today's topic: What exactly is a lifestyle? (yes, I'm sort of glomming on to Frank's thread from yesterday)

"A lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes, way of life, values, or world view. Therefore, a lifestyle is a means of forging a sense of self and to create cultural symbols that resonate with personal identity. Not all aspects of a lifestyle are voluntary."

How has COVID-19 changed YOUR lifestyle? Are you eating more? Are you exercising less?


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    I've always been a bit of an introvert and a homebody so I didn't think there would be much of an effect on me.

    I was wrong!

    I have found myself "snacking" more often. I *never* bake; but for the past 3 months I've baked cakes, pies, brownies, etc. That's the bad news. The good news is that I've even thrown some of them out after eating one slice. I have NOT bought any chocolate. Yet.

    The other good news is that I've been cooking at home a lot more. I limit eating out to once a week -- and it's takeout. I usually get something that will last me for at least 2 meals. I also get a salad to start it.

    Exercise? I'm not sure how I could exercise any less since I really don't exercise much at any time. But I do usually get out and walk once or twice a day. Unfortunately, in addition to the COVID restrictions, my asthma has been kicking my butt this year for some reason so walking in our heat and humidity is a problem for me. It's like take 20 steps, use the inhaler, take another 20 steps, use the inhaler.

    The BEST news is that I haven't gained any weight. In fact, I've lost about 8 pounds!
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    Sorry to hear about your asthma kicking in so badly, Cindy!

    I am VERY appreciative of the time and freedom this pandemic has provided me. Selfish, I know. And it’s not that I am without concern for those suffering or exposed or more at risk. However, this time has allowed me to work from home. A blessing in so many respects.
    I am not rushed to do chores and errands and everything on one day of the weekend because of having to work at the office.
    I have saved time ( 2 hours commute total on a good day), money in gas and repairs on my vehicle, I have actually been able to assemble and eat fresh salad for lunch almost daily, I have cooked and stored meals for the week while on breaks, I Have done laundry and housework, I have shopped during senior grocery hours at 6 a.m. before starting work, and I could actually say more...

    And, I have also lost nearly 10 pounds in the last three months.
    If this is a “lifestyle”, I’ll take it.

    Downside is that all the new Summer shorts and polos are on the baggy side again.
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    The COVID thing has really thrown me for a loop in more ways than I anticipated. I don't want to document stuff here, but I instead I'll just point out that I was in a real funk at the early stages of the shut-down, with a lot of introspection and questioning myself. I was also really bored, and spent a lot more time snacking and drinking than I normally would. I gained weight and came pretty close to hitting my WW goal and beyond.

    Thankfully, I recognized that my weight was about to become really problematic and I'd effectively no longer be maintaining by WW definition (of being below my goal weight).

    This later issue came at the same time the 10 pound challenge was posted, so the time was opportune!

    So, now I'm really trying to work on NOT letting the COVID world change my weight-watching lifestyle. It's not always easy, and nearly every day I think how nice a snack and a beer would be! But, I'm working at it and have a clear, well-defined, process in place...and I stick to it more times than not!
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    COVID-19 has had little effect on me as I have had other issues that have diverted my attention. Losing weight has been a priority since 10/19. While health issues and life have consumed my attention since last fall the loss of weight has taken priority above most everything on a daily basis.

    There are no guarantees that I will gain a Lifestyle in this process but continuation of what I'm currently doing could at least become a habit. I'm taking it a meal and a day at a time.

    Tracking days June 24 Yes 24/No 0😀
    SW/CW/GW 06/25/20 kcal 1491
    400.8/304.6/185 [-.2] 🙂🤔 WI Daily
    Total Loss 96.2 bs
    May 8th start (310.8/Lose 10 lb Challenge current <stat> - 6.2 lbs loss
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    Unfortunately, in addition to the COVID restrictions, my asthma has been kicking my butt this year for some reason so walking in our heat and humidity is a problem for me. It's like take 20 steps, use the inhaler, take another 20 steps, use the inhaler.

    As someone who struggled with uncontrolled asthma in my 20's and had multiple trips to the ER, I do hope that you are in touch with your doctor. If you are using your rescue inhaler this often, then you may need to be switched to a better long-acting medication.

    Back to the question, COVID-19 led me to exercise less (my fitness center closed in March), move less during the day thanks to WFH, and eat more from stress. My weight is up about 4-5 pounds from the beginning of the year.

    Things are improving this month as the retirement community reopened their fitness center (50% of my job is supervising this facility), the arboretum reopened (need reservations), and my mood is much better thanks to interacting with the residents at the fitness center during the week. I'm also getting more incidental movement during the day as a result which is helping stabilize my weight.

    July looks to be even better as we just hired someone to take over my old job. I've been doing two positions at work since the beginning of the year.
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    Covid resulted in me being bored, frustrated by my restrictions, moving very little, baking more, drinking more, eating more, and home 24)7 with DH who I love, but still... It was not good for weight loss!

    After the 6 weeks or so, the roller coaster ride of emotions settled down a bit and I started making better choices. When I finally got serious again, I was definitely at the top of the range of weight I'd been bouncing around since my dad died.

    Covid changed my lifestyle in every way, and now it is mostly back to normal (for summer at least, when everything I'm involved in is on break), but we'll see what fall brings. My plan in the meantime is to establish some solid habits going into fall so I can stay on a downward trend (if I can call it that only one week in 🤷, sounds pretty optimistic)
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    Gosh Cindy, so sorry about your asthma. Truly suxxxxx. I have been at times eating more carbs for sure. Lost weight right away but now creeping up a bit. I have been on no long bike rides but mostly active. I did tweak my left knee which suxxx.
    I feel like the masked bandit going to the grocery store. Luckily only a handful of people in the store I shop early hours.
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    Lifestyle is how I’m living. My weight is a byproduct. I can’t weigh 170lbs living a 200 lb life.

    Virus life sucks. Fun is hard to come by.
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    88olds wrote: »
    Lifestyle is how I’m living. My weight is a byproduct. I can’t weigh 170lbs living a 200 lb life.

    Virus life sucks. Fun is hard to come by.