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    I'm back in for this challenge after a few-month hiatus from the group. Thank you for continuing it!
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    Hello everyone. Welcome all new members! I’m glad to be back with the group after a back injury while helping family move furniture in July.
    I’m a 62 yr. young female living in Minnesota and enjoy: walking in the woods, running, yoga, the gym (but not yet back), snowshoeing, motorcycle rides in the country, and dancing in my kitchen. 🙂 My goals are a normal BMI (very close), lower cholesterol, and to find my waist again.
    Thanks in advance for the group’s support!
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    Hello, happy to be joining UAC again. It's my third month in a row after a long absence. This group makes me focus, sheds light on habits and keeps me accountable and I love it.

    Didn't make the winners circle in July, but I really did buckle down and start being more mindful about the type of calories I consume instead of just the number. In two months I've lost somewhere between 8-10 lbs which is huge for me! I've lost 30 before that, but have been in a stubborn plateau for a year. I'm so relieved to see the scale moving again, and I know it's partly credited to the habits I learn in this group. Would love to loose another 5 by end of August, that's my personal goal! Have about 25 total to loose so I think 5 is reasonable.
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    Hi friends . I live in Pune, India and am back again for another month of accountability and I hope it goes better this month with fewer pass days than July . Exercise options are very limited here as some days our area is under complete containment which means we cannot leave our home . It has improved lately and we can go for a walk in the immediate vicinity. Being a city, albeit with lots of amazing trees , I still miss walking in open spaces and the countryside. 🙁
    Hopefully the situation will improve soon .
    Meanwhile this is the best time to get fit again and the goal is to lose another 15 lbs ( 15 gone in two and a half months to date) and develop a few muscles .
    Looking forward to the journey and inspiration from this group . Cheers!
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    @heffalump2014 where in India is Pune? DH's grandmother and great-grandmother were both born up on what was The Northwest Frontier at the time (back in the mid and late 1800s)
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    Hello all. I guess I didn't notice the Introductions area in July. I joined MFP May 17/20 and found the UAC challenge last month (July). I thought it would be good to encourage some self-discipline because I fell off the program a bit in June. I am a 50 something wife & mother; my only daughter just moved a 9 hour drive away to a university town last August (my first year as an empty-nester). Last year I developed plantar fasciitis and have been unable to exercise during the Fall/Winter. I gained 11 more pounds just in this short period. I was getting laser treatment for it until Covid hit. I need to call my chiropractor and set up appointments to restart treatment again. Luckily since May 17, we opened our pool and I have been able to exercise once again. I probably have around 40-50 pounds to lose; I'm not really certain. I will know when I get there. My goals are to focus on replacing bad habits with healthy habits that will serve me better as I age. I have a very sedentary job and therefore it is very important that I work some kind of exercise and stretching into my life (stretching because it appears I have inherited my Mother's stiffness). I also plan to look into weight training once the pool closes. For now, work, meal prep/logging and exercising are taking a lot of time and commitment. I am done with being overweight though; there is no going back to old ways for me. The slow climb down will replace the slow climb up: it's time!
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    Hey y’all! I screwed up July accountability because of vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains, but it worth every bite!! I’m back for August. I did gain 2 pounds in July, but have lost it all since being home plus lost 3 more pounds! Woot! Tracking food has changed everything for me! Can’t even lie about what you put into your mouth, well maybe some folks can, but that is why this accountability group is sooooo good!
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    Hi everyone! I am a total noob to MFP. I have a long journey ahead and this looks like a great way to kick it off! I am a little late starting as it is Aug 3 but here I go. I am 55 years old and have been struggling with weight for quite a few years now. I am about to become an empty nester and so time to focus on me now! I am from Ireland originally but i live in the Hudson valley area of NY. Glad to have found you all. Looking forward to the challenge!
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    Hi @heffalump2014! Been to Puna, really liked it. What do you do there? I hope confinement situation will get better soon!
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    Chinkiri wrote: »
    Hi @heffalump2014! Been to Puna, really liked it. What do you do there? I hope confinement situation will get better soon!

    Hi @Chinkiri . How come you were in Pune ? Yoga , work or Osho ?
    Pune is my home town and I have lived here on and off since 1965. Many years travelling And working elsewhere but now permanently here. I write cookbooks and about Indian food plus am doing a host of other things as well 😀.
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm back for August! This is actually my one year UAC anniversary as I joined in August 2019. I can't believe I made it a whole year of logging every day except for vacations :)

    I'm starting a few days late since I just got back from a 10-day family vacation in a cottage by a lake up in New Hampshire. It was very relaxing and active but also involved lots of food. I started vacation about 1 pound under my maintenance level but I didn't officially switch over to maintenance yet because I knew I would gain on vacation since I don't log while gone. Returning to home, my scale says I've gained around 4 pounds, though we'll see how much is stomach contents / water weight from all the eating. Either way, it shouldn't be too much more to get to maintenance. :) I look forward to logging as part of the UAC again to try to meet my goal!

    Below are some photos from New Hampshire:

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    Hi, I’m new to Community groups on mfp. I look fwd to being here all month. I’m a 50somethingish woman with goal to gain strength and maintain a healthy weight. My gym opens up next week, yet foresee my workouts out of doors until further notice. Look fwd to learning from seasoned members☺️
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    @cjane917 Thnx for sharing the beautiful pics!
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    You're welcome! I always love seeing others' photos in the UAC group so wanted to contribute as well!