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    Yes x3
    Afternoon walk and another day of no alcohol so even though I ate a lot, I was under calories by a good amount when logging.

    Enjoying my yogurt-based recipes. Lunch was an apple with a yogurt-PB-honey-salt dip and with dinner I had a side of carrots, celery, and a homemade spicy herb full-fat Greek yogurt dip. Between the fiber from the veggies and the fat in the sauce, it's a filling yet low-calorie option.

    ☝🏿Mmmk, about this fruit dip @cjane917, do you have a recipe, please?!

    In the main forums, so many people mention mixing non-traditional things into yogurts (Jello, PB, etc) but this is the first time I've been interested. I think your addition of salt put me over the top (especially since I have some smoked salt I'd like to try in this concoction)!