November NEW MEMBER Starting Weights

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We are thrilled you are joining our challenge for the month of November. Sticking with weight loss goals are always tough and sometimes a little extra accountability helps keep us on track. That's what we offer to you within our teams as we engage in some friendly competition.

Here are the steps of what you need to do.

1. Enter your information in the comments section below as follows:

Username: (Your MFP username)(please note we ask you to post this as it is difficult to copy and paste)
Weigh in day: (The day you weigh in each week.)
Starting Weight (in pounds): (Your weight on your chosen weigh in day between Sun, Oct 25 - Sat, Oct 31)

Example (this is all you need to post, but please in this order):

**Note you may have to join the group to post your starting weights.**

2. Once you have entered the above information come back to check that you have been placed on a team and onto the spreadsheet.

**Please note, I typically allocate members to teams once per day, please be patient.**

3. Once you have been assigned a team please head on into to your Team discussion and introduce yourselves.
Feel free to pop onto the October or November team thread and join in the conversation to get a head start! Any questions before you are assigned a team, tag me, Ashley @AB0215

You will be automatically rolled over to the month of November- We will be using your October Week 5 Weights as your November starting weights. :)

REMEMBER - AS SOON as you register start your weight loss plan!!
When you weigh in next week for Week 1 it will be your first recorded loss!!

Welcome!!!! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Ashley @AB0215.


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