Oct 2020

MichQ1904 Posts: 99 Member
I am looking to see if there are active members in the group ? Please msg if you are still incorporating the IF through your week. Th


  • bentanner25
    bentanner25 Posts: 7 Member


    Yeah, I do IF most days. :)
  • rseneca724
    rseneca724 Posts: 45 Member
    LCHF and IF 16:8 everyday
  • ljswisc
    ljswisc Posts: 4 Member
    I do 18:6 weekdays and take weekends off. I also do low carb during fasts.
  • lisaap77
    lisaap77 Posts: 123 Member
    I do OMAD 4 days a week and 10a-6p the other days. I've been doing this for about 7mths. I've lost weight and feel amazing. Even through the holidays, I've maintained. ;)