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  • ella33040
    ella33040 Posts: 62 Member
    January 3
    Exercised: Yes. Zumba for 30 minutes.
    Calories: Yes.
    Tracked: Yes.
  • 19newbeginning
    19newbeginning Posts: 75 Member
    Exercised: Yes - outdoor walk, 3.5 miles in 61 minutes (in the rain!)
    Calories: Yes
    Tracked: Yes

    Pass Days Remaining: 3/3
  • Bovaryoo
    Bovaryoo Posts: 1,374 Member
    @Bill70sStrong I also have a Peloton bike, so I thought I'd respond too. I love the bike (mine is not the +). I also take their yoga, pilates, and strength classes. The new bike bootcamp classes are fantastic!

    Exercise: Yes (Yoga + Bike Bootcamp)
    Calories: Yes
    Tracked: Yes

  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,121 Member
    @Bovaryoo - thanks for the feedback! My yoga and Pilates practices have suffered since the covid shut down my fitness studios, I need to rev them up again!
  • griffith0008
    griffith0008 Posts: 14 Member
    January 3
    Exercised?: Yes- bodyweight workout
    Calories?: Yes
    Tracked?: Yes
  • deexplicit1
    deexplicit1 Posts: 3 Member
    Exercise-Rest day
    Calories - under calories
    Tracking -yes
  • Bill70sStrong
    Bill70sStrong Posts: 1,121 Member
    @Bill70sStrong Enjoy your new Peloton Bike!

    Thanks, Rick!