New Years Resolutions

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Hello 2021... Now that the holidays are over, it's time to start burning off them holiday pounds...



  • Just_Ceci
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    My gym expanded the classes they are offering. I have done 4 classes this week. I am 15 lbs lighter than last year at this time with about 20 more to lose. I am really trying to be in decent shape for bicycling season.
  • UncleMac
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    I decided to challenge myself a bit on my walk today... 8.57km or 5.33miles in my hilly neighbourhood... elevation changes up to 209 metres or 686 feet... in 1hr50min... I might need to soak my feet later.
  • AnnPT77
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    I'm not much of a resolutioner: Prefer to make life changes when they seem ripe, not try to force via calendar.

    Not much ripeness right now. I did sign up for an online course during the holiday discount period. I've been slogging away off and on at teaching myself bluegrass banjo for a few years, and have made some progress on the physical mechanics, but I'm recognizing I need to buckle down and understand/apply the music side of it better in order to improve. I'm hoping this will help. (I don't ever expect to not s*ck, because I started too late, with little native talent and not much discipline, but it's something I've always wanted to do, so I chip away at it quixotically.)

    Trying make it out of my regular mid-Winter doldrums and into a more predictable exercise routine. I finished the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge again in December, and as is traditional with me, I'm now kinda tired of machine rowing. I don't have Y spin classes to fall back on this year, so I need to be a little more self-directed . . . not my sharpest skill set. 😐

    Meh, it'll work out. Today, 4.11mi walk (we had uncharacteristic Winter sun!), 2x1k rowing machine.
  • nikkib0103
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    Got a late start. Because my birthday is Jan 3 and the festivities are spread out I rarely start anything new before the 10th. I am back on the DASH diet which was very successful for me 6 years ago before I hit menopause. Although I was spared night sweats and serious hot flashes, it seems to have put some serious blocks in front of weight loss. Gained a lot. But I am going to try again and see if wiser does come with older.
  • BBee5064
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    I’m like you Nikki . Late starter.
    I’m doing the Keto diet with intermittent fasting
    Let’s see how it goes xx
  • rgec58
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    I usually don't make resolutions. I did though, restart after almost a year of little to no training and totally ignoring my intake. Got put on a Beta Blocker, so now even more difficult to lose. I tried to restart in November, but wasn't consistent. Now I'm in it. Trying to get back into bike racing shape again which takes a combination of training and paying close attention to my eating. I eat gluten-free, clean Mediterranean. Works best for me.
  • judydj1220
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    My name is Judy and I'm a Diet Coke-aholic. I usually start drinking Diet Coke after my morning coffee and can continue right up until I go to sleep. My resolution beginning in January is to not start drinking Diet Coke until after 12:00 noon. So far, so good! I've even noticed I am drinking less Diet Coke during the day. Win!
  • BBee5064
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    How’s u getting on with your Diet Coke reduction?
    Hope it’s going well xx