First Marathon for October 2020.



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    And thus ends November. 13 days on the road, 59.91 (let's call it 60) miles covered. Succeeded at the 50 miles in November challenge. Starting to get my average mile split to under 12 minutes. YTD miles= 423.27 taking January, February and September off. Starting to get cold, we'll see how things progress through he winter and how well that cold weather gear I bought works. Keep moving folks. ;-) Currently 140 miles to my 175 to Cape May (there are some off day walks in that total that do not show up in the 60 mile total stated above.) 35 miles to go and 25 days to do it.
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    OK this does not want to happen. Covid postpones the original October 2020 date and a cancer diagnosis throws a wrench into training and plans for the restart in October 2021. The good news, it's probably curable, the bad news it may require a colostomy, and the radiation and chemo therapy are going to make training difficult. I'll be lurking. Be well all.

    best wishes for your recovery. <3