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  • fractaltiger
    fractaltiger Posts: 122 Member
    April 20
    Exercise yes
    Tracking yes
    Calories yes
    Passes 0/3
  • abowersgirl
    abowersgirl Posts: 3,409 Member
    February 10/3
    March 12/3

    3 yes

  • Hulya_79
    Hulya_79 Posts: 451 Member
    April 20
    Exercise: No
    Calories: No
    Tracked: No
    Pass days: 4/3
  • znaoiec
    znaoiec Posts: 1,986 Member
    Yes, yes and yes
    Walking and yoga
  • MadisonMolly2017
    MadisonMolly2017 Posts: 11,031 Member
    April 20
    28 days!!! 4 weeks.

    But first of all, Happy Belated birthday wishes to @RangerRickL ‘s Beloved Rose 🌹and the Ever Inspiring @TerriRichardson112 ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    1:28 walk, collecting dead nature items to attach to sticks to make unique mark-making “brushes”!!
    11.3K steps
    Again, I didn’t really want to walk (not like me) but of course I went - listened to 2+!Half Size Me podcasts & thoroughly enjoyed my outing!
    It’s like the Nike ad: Just Do It! But I also really try to creatively make it more fun!
  • fourathomej
    fourathomej Posts: 4,247 Member
    April 20

    Exercise: Yes - Transform 20
    Calories: yes
    Tracked: Yes
    Pass days: 1/3
  • Mrs_Hoffer
    Mrs_Hoffer Posts: 5,194 Member
    19th April

    ✅ I exercised for at least 20 minutes
    ✅ I stayed within my calorie budget for the day
    ✅ I kept track of everything I ate and drank

    20th April - Planned Pass Day (75th Birthday)

    2️⃣ Pass Days left

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRI! :smiley: I'm sorry I missed it - I hope you had a wonderful day!
  • Mrs_Hoffer
    Mrs_Hoffer Posts: 5,194 Member
    @Chinkiri That calorie bomb did not explode on my plate! I had a very low calorie day.
    Fortunately, there were others at the table to share the dessert.
    It was a bomb!

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO ROSE! :heart: And KUDOS to you @RangerRickL for being able to turn down that dessert! It looks amazing! :lol:
  • Mrs_Hoffer
    Mrs_Hoffer Posts: 5,194 Member
    Apr 20:

    ✔️ EXERCISE: Yes. 60 minutes of walking in the WV mountains! We had beautiful weather until the day we left to come home! :lol: Due to my knee issues (which are much better, but I didn't want to push it) and my DH's foot surgery a year ago, we didn't really do as much "hiking" as we have in past years.
    ✔️ CALORIES: Yes. 1866/1900
    ✔️ TRACK: Yes.

    PASSES USED: 3/3 (10Apr)(15Apr)(16Apr)

    Target your biggest “threat to success”... work on it until you land on a solution that works. Then pick the next “threat to success” Repeat. -MadisonMolly

    I brought plenty of raw carrots and celery as well as apples to "snack" on while traveling and walking in the woods. I also made my own trail mix (raisins, dried cranberries, and nuts). We stopped and had our picnic lunches in the woods and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the WV mountains. Our cabin was 18 miles from the nearest town (with any kind of "services") and it was picture perfect.
  • donna25trinity
    donna25trinity Posts: 3,044 Member
    20th pass day!
  • oh_jackie
    oh_jackie Posts: 429 Member
    APR 20 - Pass day
    T ✅ | C ❎ | E ✅ [25 min walk]
    Pass = 11/3 | No sugar ❎ | Sleep ✅
    Happy belated birthday to Rose!
  • MaltedTea
    MaltedTea Posts: 6,286 Member
    So many birthdays this month; @TerriRichardson112, @RangerRickL's Rose, and @SModa1's son! 🥳

    Here's my late entry...

    Did I exercise for at least 20 minutes? YES | Theresa Depasquale's 90-Day Workout Program (37), Dancing (25), Stretching (27) TOTAL: 89 min
    Did I stay within my calorie budget for the day? YES | *Base + 305
    Did I keep track of everything I ate and drank? YES
    *NOTE: Stretching counted as half the calories

    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my protein macro for the day (40%)? YES | 40%
    Personal Bonus: Did I meet my fiber micro for the day (35g)?YES | 40g
    Pass Days Used: (APR01)