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    Welcome back Craig. You have been missed
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    I am back again, again. The Vovid experience, coupled with a couple of other challenges, knocked me for a loop. Ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle!

    Great to see you here Jan! Welcome to all the new and returning members.

    I am bON from Austin Tx. Been doing this maybe 6 or more months now? I have lost track. Absolutely love the daily aspect of this challenge and all the support and ideas from everyone. I am maintaining since 2017 but since my history is serial yo yo all my life I keep my hand and foot in the game now.
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    Back again. This time under doctors orders.

    I am a 52yo married father of one. I used to be a regular on UAC, but life had other plans.

    I have had some quite severe mental health challenges and part of my recovery is re-joining UAC. This is why doctors orders.

    The last 16 months have been very trying. Due to medication and personal circumstances I put on over 20kg (40lbs) in that time. The medication slowed my metabolism and increased my appetite. The medications also made it mentally difficult to get out and exercise. Literally this has put me back at my starting weight (and fitness) of when I first joined UAC.

    UAC had been a lifeline (literally). I used to enjoy the daily reporting and reading others accomplishments. It kept me in touch with people.

    Now I need the support again. I am still on a number of medications. However, hopefully with UAC, the support and re-establishing the habits that got me to an ideal weight and fitness; I can get back there again.

    I do have one advantage from where I started last time. All the knowledge from the research I had done I still have. I know what works (and what worked for me). I just need to do again what I have done before.

    Reposting what I wrote May 1:
    Oh @craigo3154 !!! I have missed you SO MUCH! Thrilled to see your message this morning. I’m beginning my 38th month in here & you & @RangerRickL have been invaluable to my successes!! Using much of what I learned from you both, I lost my last 25 of 75 lbs, reached goal weight & have now maintained for 2-2/3 YEARS. Thank you for helping create a MIRACLE!


    Addendum: I’m here for you - unequivocally. You are a person of great strength Craig.
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    jan110144 wrote: »
    I am back again, again. The Vovid experience, coupled with a couple of other challenges, knocked me for a loop. Ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle!

    Dear @jan110144 !!
    Welcome back! I have missed you greatly as well. I know our journeys were in sync, and you amazed me with your athleticism!!

    I look forward to reconnecting!

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    @craigo3154 so glad to see you back!
    You've been an encourager to me on this healthy journey road.
    Definitely here for you also!
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    edited May 2021
    Hi All, I am 38, married and hve a lil buba. I started UAC in December 2020 and just love it to bits! Ive learnt so much from u all not only about weight management but life in general.

    My life goals for May are:
    * Focus on weekly calories.
    * Contine my workout routine.
    * Get out in nature as much as possible.
    * Up my water intake.
    * Continue with silence, talking less and listening more.
    * To do things badly instead of not at all as i can be a perfectionists which results in procrastinating.

    Welcome to all the newcomers! I will jump on later tonight to read all ur intros. Also thanks @RangerRickL for leading us to success.

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    @donna25trinity "To do things badly instead of not at all as i can be a perfectionists which results in procrastinating." I'm right there with you. Here's to doing things badly rather than not doing them at all!
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    Hello all...I’m on month 3 of my second tour participating in the UAC. Was here from November’19 to April ‘20. I was very successful the first time losing about 60 but got derailed when the gyms closed last spring. Managed to put back on a considerable amount I had lost. Need to drop around 30 to get back to where I was. It took quite a while to get back into the routine , but I think I’m pretty much there now. Looking to lose another 10 this month. At 56 it is not as easy as it once was. Jim
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    Aww loved reading all ur intros and goals for May, good luck guys! We got this in the bag team! I feel like May doesn't hve as many peeps as we usually do?? Xox

    @MizSpiffy let me know how u go with doing it badly! Lol! I hve started this w/e and hve made sum real head way with my to do list! Yay!! Its such a relief to get stuff ticked off and not be held back due to indecisiveness, fear and procrastination! Xox
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    @Hsvaquita and @mshawski we are almost the same age!!Thats pretty cool! Xox

    @Hsvaquita i also am away from family and friends so understand ur struggle! U will find great support here with Uac! Xox
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    @donna25trinity :smiley: good to know that this is a great group to join. And yay on almost being the same age, I feel leas lonely knowing someone else is in this that might resemble my life a bit.
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    This will be my fifth month of the UAC.
    Aiming for weight maintenance this month.
    Good luck to everyone!